Adrian Tenebrook
Player Graeme C.
Character Adrian Tenebrook
City Middlesbrough
Clan Daeva
Covenant Circle of the Crone / Brood Of Lillith
Age upon Embrace 21
Occupation/Position Incubi lol
Hometown Middlesbrough
Status within the City Childe of the Prince


Sired under mysterious circumstances, Adrian was taught the ways of the blood, Succeeding in having control over the mortals with his charms. However it didn't last as Adrian left her for some reason. Living on the streets he located the other kindred of the area, and somehow ended up within the Circle of the Crone.

Although not really comfortable around the other kindred, Adrian has somehow attempted to fit in and maintain peace with all. Although he rarely seems to succeed as he goes about his unlife.


Tall and lithe with Long black hair, snappily dressed in a long black coat and top hat. Hes typical to the Daeva stereotype.

Original Character Concept Artwork:


Adrian was a Daeva, the Childe of Cassandra Brighid, then prince of Middlesbrough.



Recent Events

  • Has recently, via ritual, become the Champion of the lady. Whom is some sort of Goddess/Fae?
  • Is currently in the complicated process of converting from the Crone to the Brood of Lilith.
  • After initialising a ritual to benefit the Kindred, to get information regarding the portal for the well of worlds, was attacked and Torpored during the ritual at Middlesbrough. The Lady appeared during this attack and saved him.


  • Cassandra Brighid: She gave me this life, the greatest thing to ever happen to me!
  • Albert Johnson: He may not indulge in the nicer things, but he has one hell of a set up at home, and he's good hearted.
  • Morrigan Hutter: Can't say much for her looks, poor thing! But we agree in most cases.
  • Giles: A bit of a love-hate relationship. He may probably be the death of me!
  • lucy-anne: She always seems to offer me a comforting shoulder should I need it, and is about the only Kindred who shows any interest.
  • Tia and May: ( Brood of Lillith ) They had me at " There are things better than sex. " :D


  • Father William Vane: Stupid arrogant fool who never shuts up about the most annoying things!
  • Balthazar Black: -Dead- You wont find him now unless its winter and someone needs to grit the path.
  • The Black Friars: They tried to kill us all and destroyed the Barons mansion.
  • The High Priestess/The dark Lady: She's a combination of all the most terrifying things I could ever imagine, she will destroy us all!


  • To up himself to give a damn about loyalties or the Masquerade.
  • He may be untrusting towards any other kindred.
  • Will put intercourse before anything.. even other people/Kindreds safety.
  • Cassandra sire'd him, but for what purposes?
  • Joined the Circle of the crone in an act of defiance against his sire, and is once against swapping covenants in another display of rebellion, does he have no respect for the system? Does he have no respect towards any covenant?
  • Albert and Adrian living together? What the fuck is going on there? Do we even want to know?
  • Apparently they are no longer living together… and they made such a lovely couple as well!
  • Before he was embraced he was just over five feet tall. He gained over a foot in height as a side effect. There have been no other cases (documented or not) of such things happening before.
  • Was once heard screaming his own name during sex.

Quotes from or about Adrian:

Cassandra: "…but if need be I can handle a gun."
Adrian: "…but if need be I can handle a Women."

"Adrian does not do planning and forethought. Adrian does hot chicks. End of."


Adrian Tenebrook was slain during a Middlesbrough Elysium before his trial for the murder of Balthazar Black by karl Braun, who acted on orders of the then Prince of Middlesbrough Cassandra Brighid.

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