Albert Johnson
Player Kevin W
Character Albert Johnson
City Middlesbrough
Clan Mekhet
Covenant Unaligned
Age upon Embrace 48
Occupation/Position Power plant administrator
Hometown Middlesbrough
Status within the City None currently
Status: Legal None currently


5 ft 10. Long auburn hair, brown eyes. Has the appearance and manner of a middle aged slightly befuddled academic (Think Giles from Buffy).



Born in Middlesbrough, works at Hartlepool power station. A lifelong bachelor who has spent a solitary life, with only a Labrador for company. Enjoys bird watching, cycling through nature trails and crossword puzzles. Has no living family.


Albert knows he is a Mekhet but that is about all regarding his lineage.



Recent Events

  • Embrace

Embraced 8 months ago against his will. Kidnapped on the way home from work and subject to a month imprisonment. During this month he was subject to various torture methods including sleep deprivation, water boarding and being forced to watch as female victims were fed upon, while also being forced to drink their blood. Albert was able to escape when a group of masked soldiers stormed the building attacking the hostage takers and releasing prisoners. He then spent months in isolation, took some time off work with 'stress' until one day he was found by a contact of Prince Hardy who advised him he that was now a vampire and was 'invited' to an Elysium.

Albert is completely bewildered by lots of the events and people he has encountered during his 2 Elysium visits. He is trying to piece together an understanding of the kindred, his within place in the society and what the hell all of the wacky stuff is that is going on!

Albert currently has no idea who captured him, why he was held hostage and who the soldiers were who allowed him to escape but his goal is to find out.

  • Elysium

Is becoming increasingly worried about the series of dangerous situations the group is finding itself in and is determined to take a more active role in supporting the domain. Is trying to overcome his lack of social skills and forge friendships amongst kindred in all domains.

Death, Captured, Missing?

Albert went in a car with the vampire hunters known as the Society of leopold during a Durham Elysium. Whether he is Dead, captive or just missing is a mystery.


Has a dog called Barney.
Suspected by some to be a suspect in the spreading of the plague.
His lack of knowledge of basic vampiric principles horrifies some people.
Is an avid bird watcher.
Believes the birds watch him back.
Is increasingly frustrated by the frequent bickering between the elders.
Felt snubbed by the Bishop of Durham who appeared to believe Albert was not worth wasting time talking to.
Albert was recently questioned by the Bishop of Durham and The Prince of Middlesbrough and now would rather be snubbed than talk to the bishop.
Was living with Adrian Tenebrook untill recently, a lovers spat perhaps?


Albert Considers the following people Allies. Whether they consider Albert an ally is another matter.
Adrian Tenebrook
Father William Vane
Morrigan Hutter
colonel-john-killian *Deceased


The Hunters
The being in torpor who set him on fire

Quotes from or about Albert:

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