Alex Knight
Player Emma Watts
Character Alex Knight, Q.C
City Newcastle
Clan Ventrue
Covenant Ordo Dracul
Age upon Embrace 28
Occupation/Position Human Rights Lawyer, Senior Associate/Head of Pro-Bono Department, Director of Project Revitalization, Owner/M.D of Caritas Industries
Hometown London/Cardiff
Status within the City Level 1
Status: Charities Level 1
Status: Legal Level 2
Humanity 8
Status Deceased

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Alex Knight’s history prior to becoming a vampire is somewhat mixed with conflict, even from an early age. Born to a Welsh father and English mother in London, she bore witness to the violent relationship between her parents, before they separated and divorced when Alex was nine years old. From that age she divided her time between the two parents, living in both London and Cardiff for a time.

Alex would not like to admit favouritism, yet she held a great deal of affection for her father, a lawyer, and it was his devotion to the job that inspired her to follow in his footsteps. She was a self-confessed prodigy, flying through education with a speed that resulted in her admission to university two years early, at the age of sixteen. She gained her LL.B at the age of nineteen, at the University of Swansea, keeping with her Welsh connections. After graduating, she took a gap year prior to her postgraduate studies, travelling round the world with her boyfriend, Nathaniel St-John-Smythe, who was a biomedical student at Swansea.

She returned to complete her postgraduate law courses, taking the Legal Practice Course at Swansea, then the Bar Vocational Course at Cardiff, wishing to move closer to her father.

By the age of twenty-three she was a junior partner in her father’s firm, yet the two clashed over major differences in their characters. Alex proved to be more interested in success than the personal needs of clients. She was called to the Bar shortly after her twenty-fourth birthday, and served as a barrister in London, as well as occasionally continuing her work with her father’s business.

At the age of twenty-eight, she received notification of the awarding of a place on Queen’s Counsel, something she had wished to achieve since undertaking law studies. Given that one usually is in the legal practice for at least ten years prior to this, Alex’s appointment was considered to be a great achievement, a sign of her talent and further potential.

On the night she was to go to London to take the silk of a QC, she and Nathaniel argued about their future. It was clear to both of them that perhaps their needs and wants for the future were completely different, and Alex was so wrapped up in her own sense of accomplishment that it infuriated Nathaniel. He walked away into the night, and she tried to follow, walking in the streets of Cardiff to search for him.

In the dead of night, she found herself wandering the sidestreets, against any form of common sense she had learned about walking out alone at night.

In the misty night, she saw a tall man looking at her, but thought nothing of it. She kept on going, wondering if Nathaniel had returned to their house. Before she could consider a course of action however, she felt someone grasp her, with an unnaturally strong grip. Frozen by sudden terror, everything went dark around her.

It may have been hours when she came to herself, but something wasn’t the same. Her senses seemed sharper, her mind racing, and…an insatiable hunger. On thinking about it….she wasn’t hungry for food.

She heard stumbling, and then the outline of a man, a tramp by the looks of him, shuffling his way down the street. Her eyes locked on his figure, as the hunger inside her suddenly saw satiation before her….

Gradually it subsided, as she looked upon the motionless body beneath her, bearing the marks of her attack. Tremendous remorse creeped in, and a horror that she had never felt before. Was he dead, succumbed to the feeding frenzy she had experienced. She didn’t know, but she had an idea of what had happened to her. Now was the time to run.

She had an apartment, in the basement of a block not far from where she was, and she fled to it, seeking shelter in it whilst finding out what had occurred. She came to realise, all alone in that apartment, that she was no longer human, but a vampire. Uncertainty seeped in. What was she to do, now that this had happened?

She was fairly good with computers, and spent hours on the internet, using her laptop to search for anything she could find about vampires. Eventually, after weeks of searching for anything, and exhausted, she came across a message by someone wishing to meet other vampires. Suspicious, but needing options, Alex noted the time and place, and waited out the day to venture to the meeting place.

It was a darkly lit abandoned club, with a surprisingly refined décor inside- Alex figured whoever she was meeting had decorated, she didn’t hedge her bets on the former owners doing it. Walking in, she looked around, wary, and, if she would admit it, terrified.

“I didn’t think anyone would come, I’m rather surprised that any being in this city hs courage anymore.” A voice sounded, cool, calm, collected.

She spun around, and saw a young man-well, what looked like a young man, she conceded-sitting in an alcove, lit by a few candles. She walked toward him, eyeing him warily.

“You’ve been looking for more like us?” she asked, unsure of anything.

“As have you, I’d reckon,” the man grinned, apparently amused. “I’m Trent, and you are?”


“Well, Miss Alex, you seem confused, even scared. Don’t worry, I don’t feed off other vampires.”

She looked at him, and something about him invited both trust and suspicion. “I don’t know what’s happened to me. What happens now. That’s why I’m here.”

He nodded, understanding. “Some Kindred have a little problem adjusting to things, and learning about our world. Surely your Sire said something, gave you advice?”

“I became a vampire two weeks ago, and as for Sire-you mean the one who made me? I never saw him, and he wasn’t there when I…woke.”

Trent raised an eyebrow. “Poor child. Please, sit. I can tell you all I know, though I require assistance on a matter, if you wish to help?”

“Alright. That seems fair.”

Trent spent hours talking about the different clans and covenants, inviting her to become an Invictus like himself. Alex listened attentively, trying to take everything in, and when he had finished, she knew at least a lot more than she had before. It was nearly sunrise when they finished, and Trent explained that they would need to rest in the basement below, to wait out the day.

“Thank you,” she finally said, once he had finished his explanations. “Now, what is it that you need my help in?”

“I have a few contacts, in the north east of England. I need to get a package to them, but currently I am unavailable. Will you carry this to them?” he gestured to a wrapped parcel, the contents of which she couldn’t tell.

Nathaniel comes from Newcastle. Maybe his parents will know where he went to. I need to know he is ok.

“Yes, I can do that for you, certainly. Just give me the details, and I shall make sure it gets to them safely.”

“Thank you, Miss Alex. Be careful, the area is quite strange to a young one such as yourself. And if you come across humans, they cannot know of your change.”

“I understand. Do I need to know anything else about the task?”

“No, child. Just deliver it to them, and contact me afterwards,” he replied, giving her a sheet of paper with details on.

“Thank you, Master Trent, for making things more clear to me.”

“Not at all, Miss Alex, you’ve provided a willing audience tonight, and now, we must retire. If you can leave tonight, it would be most wise, my friends need this parcel very soon.”

The two slept in the basement, whilst the sun’s rays burned over Wales. At sunset, Alex bade her farewells to Trent, and hailed a taxi to the airport, paying, like a human would, and escaping the country in the cargo hold of a plane to Newcastle.

She arrived quickly and headed to the address she had been given, completing her task with no problems, and not asking questions about the parcel. She contacted Trent, and was told things were happening in the city, that she may wish to stick around for. As the proximity of her boyfriend’s parents was a factor in her decision, it was naturally a piece of advice she took from her mentor. She promised to contact him soon, once she found out what was going on in the city, and bade a fond farewell, before seeking out a gathering in the city, of vampires. Her task, she felt, was to redeem herself, to find out how she could use her abilities to wipe away the past of conflict and greed, and the horrific memory of attacking a defenceless man, in her mindless hunger. She didn’t know how, but she would try forever, if that is what it took.

Arriving in Newcastle, Alex quickly gained prestige as an Invictus, however she was disillusioned by the past, and rejected power plays. Eventually she tired of the endless political maneuvering, and secretly left the Invictus. It is rumoured that after this, those aware of her status attempted to court her…high members of the Sancified attempted to sway her into joining, the Carthians charmed her, however it was not until a chance deal with Balthazaar Black that she was swayed into considering the Ordo Dracul. During the events of the months that followed her leaving the Invictus, Alex walked a tightrope as their continuing Primogen. Training in combat and disciplines to protect herself, and ghouling an ex-special forces mortal, she began to devote herself to defending herself. The climax of the struggle came when her mortal lover Nathaniel resurfaced in Newcastle whilst Alex was visiting Trent. Alex never got the chance to reunite with Nathaniel - he was later killed, and Alex and Balthazaar discovered the body. This, and the events surrounding it, would change Alex forever. The group she was in was forced into an apocalyptic situation which ended in their being transported into another dimension of the world she was from, where she now resides.


Alex is 5'8", and 160lbs. With green eyes and dark hair, she somehow still exudes a streetwise aura around her. That, combined with smart but definitely modern attire, gives her a look that wouldn't be unseen around mortals today. It is noticeable that she passes for mortal occasionally, and appears to have very little effort in doing so.


Alex has no knowledge of her lineage, due to her sire's unknown identity. She only knows she is a Ventrue, and has searched for clues on her sire, to no avail. (OOC: If anyone wishes to play a Ventrue in future, and my sire, I'd be happy to discuss this with the player and an ST.)


Alex sired her ghoul, the late Colonel John Killian under strange circumstances, and had a strong relationship with him. Alex has no desire to curse another mortal into this existence, however.

Recent Events

  • Alex recently was spared by the being named Paliurus. It is known that she had been given a quest by him, but whether or not she undertook this task, is unknown to all but a few.
  • At the recent gathering at the Well of the Worlds, Alex was initiated into the Decanic Society, in order to open a portal to rescue several Kindred. One does wonder why an Ordo Dracul would willingly enter an occult society, whose true purpose is unknown to all. One hopes that Knight's considerable intelligence and wits hold out enough to be cautious in this matter.
  • After the rescue of the Kindred from the alternate reality, Alex appears to be imbued with the Star tarot card. This has given her the ability to heal wounds, but her aura can be blinding when this occurs. Alex is suitably terrified by the possible dangers she poses to others around her.
  • It appears that Alex is about to put her commitments to the test. This was confirmed when she married Lucy-Ann Tyler shortly before the Elysium in Middlesbrough began in May.
  • After a long period of absence, Alex returned in July to Newcastle, apparently possessed by Paliurus, and fought with the Andromelach-possessed Cassa Dar, resulting in both Kindred's destruction. No word yet on how Lucy Ann will take the loss of her wife.


  • Alex abhors violence, something that she has begun to hate since the death of Nathaniel, her mortal lover.
  • Alex Knight has a twin sister, seriously its true she came to court looking for her and she looked pissed!
  • It is rumoured that Alex has achieved a mastery of meditation techniques. Apparently she favours the Buddhist philosophies a lot more than the rumoured Catholic upbringing she once had. I'd like to see what she can resist, with her wacky Zen-like thoughts.
  • It is rumoured that Alex has moved in with her Newcastle-based lover and fellow Ordo Dracul, Lucy-Ann. Why Alex would choose to not stay in Durham, her home domain, is a confusing matter, not that the logical lawyer would do such a thing.
  • Alex is the butt-monkey of an angelic demon hunter.
  • I heard the Ordo talking about some high and mighty elder of their covenant coming to town specifically to recruit Alex for something.
  • Why is Ms Knight spending far too much time amongst ex-cons? For a lawyer, she'd not do it by choice…would she?
  • I hear Alex Knight is actually scared of the sight of blood…
  • I heard someone say Alex spent three nights in meditation after Killian's death, to stop herself from going on a mass-murdering rampage of Frenzy. I bet she was in love with him, and couldn't tell him.
  • Apparently Alex is the only one able to calm Lucy-Ann down after Black's death. Maybe they'll get married soon, if they're that close.


  • Willamina Lawson - Alex and Dr Lawson do not get on, due to Alex's unwavering determination to help others, even at the cost of her own safety. Despite her respect for Will's status and position, she does not understand, nor accept, Will's apparent fanaticism with protecting other Ordo. The sword on Alex's back should have warned her Alex is still capable of dealing damage - if more determined to prevent damage being done.
  • Cassandra Brighid - Despite no longer being student and teacher, Alex still has great respect for Cassie, however this is rather strained at present.
  • Meri-Sit-Anpu - The two hadn't talked much before their joint journey through to this world, but Alex has sought great comfort with this Kindred. The Dragon and the Crone have forged a bond that may last lifetimes.
  • Lucy Anne - It was announced in the recent Elysium in Middlesbrough that the two Kindred have entered marriage - rarely heard of between a naturally distrustful species.
  • Mr Gadreel - The Carthian and Ordo pairing have struck up occasional business-related and personal meetings which have been surprisingly cordial.
  • Karl Braun - Alex wouldn't call this fellow survivor an enemy, nor would she completely call him a friend. As the Nosferatu Lancea said himself, perhaps when Alex looks upon him, she sees the darkness within herself? Yet since his adoption of the title of Regent in Durham, and despite their obvious differences in opinion, Alex values his talents and efforts to help her in a recent investigation.
  • Alexander Gideon - It is not certain just what Alex's feelings towards Gideon are. Certainly she is markedly warmer towards him than in the past, but his apparent mortal status at present shocked her to the core, to the point of near frenzy. One would ask why this would cause such a strong reaction from her.
  • Sister Magdalena Grey - The elder Ordo Dracul laid claim to Alex's mentorship in the covenant several months ago. Neither have been seen together, but it is rumoured the student is enthralled by the master.
  • Paliurus - Noone knows just is what going on between the Kindred and the supposed angelic being.
  • Ian Druss - Alex and Druss have quarrelled on occasion, but have a certain amount of respect for each other.
  • Sir Nicholas DeSoulis - Whilst DeSoulis should learn the lesson of never asking Knight to teach him Dominate again, the two have spent some time sharing ideals on faith and spirituality. Strange really, for a member of the Dragons.


  • James Craine - Whilst Alex does not have enemies, she was suitably horrified to find that Craine had tortured several of the homeless community that it is rumoured she works in.

Fallen or Missing Allies and Enemies

  • Colonel John Killian - Alex is currently trying to come to terms with the demise of her childe. Already overcome with guilt for what she sees as her part in his fate as a Kindred, she is now struggling to achieve balance as she deems herself responsible for his death, despite his apparently self-sacrificial move to defeat the Unreal.
  • Balthazar Black - Alex finds herself in the middle of an Ordo backlash, after the death of Black at the hands of Cassandra's childe, Adrian Tenebrook.

Quotes from or about Alex

(please feel free to add any that you have said or heard Alex say)

  • "No Balthazar, you are not going to get me to lie down naked and let me be vivisected. I'd be naked! Even Kindred have standards!" - Alex to Balthazar Black at the gathering in Middlesbrough.
  • "It doesn't matter if I'm going to die on this path. What matters is what we achieve during it, and my life…it is utterly worth it to give up everything for the pursuit of good. It's worth dying for."


'Amaranth' (Orchestral Version) - Nightwish

'Wait Another Day' - Uh Huh Her

'God Particle' - From the Angels and Demons OST (composed by Hans Zimmer) - Alex's Spiritual Journey

'Drifting Further Away' - Powderfinger (My take on a Lucy-Ann/Alex themed song)

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