Alexander Banks
Player Malcolm Easton
Character Alexander Banks
City Middlesbrough
Clan Ventrue
Covenant Ordo Dracul
Age upon Embrace 24
Occupation/Position Unknown
Hometown Middlesbrough
Status within the City Seneschal
Clan-ventrue.png Covenant-ordodracul.png


Little or no knowledge exsists within the north east of Mr Banks' life before his arrival in the court of middlesbrough outside the secrects within the Ordo Dracul that is.


Mr Banks is 6ft 3in of a rather big build and slightly over wight with Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, always seen wearing Black Gloves, Black Leather Coat, Black Shirt, Black Trousers, Black Shoes, Black Leather Hat.






Recent Events:

Since his arival in the north east Mr Banks has applyed his skills and abilitys the best he can to the events that have unfolded in the region, proving to be useful in several ocasions and gaining the trust of his fellow Covent members and that of those hes belive are allies. Hoping to defeat the Jarl and ensure the Survival of the Ordo within this area when it was apearing to faulter


Ezekiel Abbedonn


Rumours and Quotes


  • Seams to be complety paranoid about people touching his hands
  • Seams to have a painful area that moves around his body
  • Has a increasing number of "Skeletons" in his closet
  • Has a Car Boot full of Bodies
  • He has 17 hats in his collection, but only one pair of shoes

Quotes from or about Mr Banks:

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