Alexander Gideon, Set's Dark Paladin
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So few left to keep the sun rising; a sun that they themselves can never look upon.

"I am Alexander Gideon, of the line of Set. I have walked with gods and bested demons at their own game. In my short unlife I have outlasted more enemies than most Kindred ever make. I know my place in the universe, and I will walk this path regardless of where it takes me. My Blood is pure, my will is supreme."

Player Frost
Character Alexander Gideon
Concept Troubled Occultist and Seeker of Hidden Lore; sometime Demon-Hunter
City Newcastle
Sire Nephira al-A'aat
Known Childer None in this World
Clan Mekhet
Bloodline Khaibit
Covenant Circle of the Crone
Titles Sheriff of Newcastle
Born 1969
Embraced 1992
Character Livejournal Sword of Sutekh

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(largely unknown to PCs)
It was on the swelteringly hot night of July 15th, 1969, when Alexander was born to Nathan and Maria Gideon in the northern English city of Carlisle. It was far from a simple birth, and mere hours after holding her son for the first time, the mother slipped into a coma from which she never awoke. The life support machine was turned off only two days later, when doctors declared that they could not reverse the combined effects of stress, blood poisoning and internal damage. Alexander was present at the funeral a week after, though at such a tender age it comes as no surprise that he has no memories of it. Indeed, there is very little about his childhood that he cares to remember in these nights.
Nathan Gideon had always been a successful man, and man of faith, but the death of his wife was a blow from which he never recovered. The remainder of his life saw him spiral downwards into manic-depression and alcoholism, each passing year further gnawing at his sanity. Alexander was a small and sickly child, slow to physically develop. To his father, it was as if part of the damage that had killed Maria had passed into her son, leaving him weak and susceptible to illness. Asthma, whooping cough and a multitude of other health scares threatened to end Alexander’s life long before it’s time, yet some miracle of luck and determination saw Alex reach his teenage years in relatively good health, with an inquisitive and capable intellect to compensate for his physical failings. He suffered the episodes of bullying that plagued many such boys during his years of secondary education, but he persevered and worked to alleviate the weakness of his body while continuing to keep his mind sharp. Nathan Gideon did, eventually, become proud of his son, but the years of stress and alcohol had taken their toll upon him and by the time Alex was nineteen his father was demonstrating the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
Driven to do whatever he could to protect his future, Alexander took control of his family’s finances while his father was placed in specialist care. Alex went on to university, studying biological sciences in Edinburgh while his father slipped into irrevocable dementia. Although he was saddened, Alexander’s sense of self-reliance and Nathan’s long-standing inability to lend emotional support had left the young man with the feeling that he had never really known his father in the first place. When Nathan Gideon finally joined his wife in whatever waits beyond death, Alex felt altogether distant about the entire affair.
Studying for his master’s degree was perhaps the glory days of Alexander Gideon’s life. Free to do as he pleased, and with his family’s financial assets to fall back upon, Alex was able to enjoy life more than he ever had. The strange interests bred into him by his isolated, all-but-friendless childhood never left him, however. While he professed to be a man of science around his university peers, he took an increasing interest in conspiracies, counter-culture, religion and the occult. Although on the outside he was a healthy, handsome and intelligent 22-year-old, the corridors of Alex’s mind were becoming increasingly twisted. As his final year and graduation came and went, a former university society associate passed Alex contact details of some real occultists, and in doing so perhaps damned him from a life of normality for good.
After graduation in 1992, Alex felt a little lost. His intention had been to pursue a career in the sciences, yet he didn’t feel willing to give up on the freedoms that university life had allowed him. In truth, success had bred arrogance in him, and he was simply unwilling to exchange his immediate comfort for any true responsibility. It was at this time that he followed up on the details given to him by his former peer, and fell in with an Edinburgh-based cult that claimed to revere the hunter-goddess Artemis. Animal sacrifice and orgiastic rituals were the order of the cult’s bimonthly gatherings, and though much of what took place was in keeping with the mythological practices of the warrior-goddess, Alex couldn’t help but think that the cult were really no better than teenage Satanists. These people had knowledge, maybe even the means to some actual occult power, yet they wasted their time worshipping a long-defunct deity. Predictably, a number of the cult’s members were also there simply for the sexual deviancy involved. After nearly a year of living on share investments and indulging in cultic debauchery, Alexander grew disinterested and decided to see some more of the world. As a child he had faced challenges and overcome them; as a young adult he had wallowed in what he felt was the hard-earned reward. Now, he was craving something new to test his body and mind alike. He hastily liquidated almost the entirety of his family’s shares and went travelling across the globe, making no real plans for his future upon his return to the shores of Britain.
It was in Singapore, three months into his travels, when the 24-year-old Alexander was torn from the life that he knew. The “jewel of the Orient” was the first city that Gideon had visited in Asia, and the difference between the Far East and the rest of the globe was staggering to the young man. The city was wealthy, flamboyant, and indescribably exotic for a first-time visitor; it was a quasi-dictatorship to be sure, and laws were tight, but it was also a city built on foundations of western money; in many ways the city’s success was due to it’s being a willing economic whore to the west. Other types of whores were commonplace too, if one happened to have the appearance of a rich westerner, and Alex made frequent use of their services during his time there; on one such night, his companion proved to be more than he could have bargained for. As he lay on the bed in her apartment, her thighs either side of his waist, Gideon could only watch as the slender woman began to change. Her body elongated before his eyes, twisting into a sinuous, serpentine form. Her eyes became a venomous yellow, their pupils narrowing to slits as she peered down at him. Alexander felt hypnotised, paralysed by those staring pupils as the snake-woman moved to sink her fangs into his chest.
A crash from the other side of the room interrupted the scene, breaking the spell on Alex’s senses. Another shape, another woman, was in the room, though the door had not been opened; the second figure seemed to have simply appeared from the shadows themselves. The snake-creature gave a hiss and moved in a blur, leaping off the bed and raising its claws to face the newcomer. Gideon was stunned, unable to comprehend what he was seeing despite his years of occultic study. As he watched, the dark-haired intruder drew a middle-eastern style scimitar from the back of her coat and threw herself at the serpent in a flurry of attacks. The snake-thing dodged each stroke of the blade with a speed that was truly eye-watering, lashing back with its bestial claws. Realising that the serpent had tried - and no doubt was going - to kill him, Alex forced himself to action. He grabbed the lamp from the bedside cabinet as the snake concentrated on the intruder, and brought the heavy item down on the back of the creature’s head. The thing gave a shrieking, inhuman hiss and spun to face him, burying its claws in Alex’s shoulders. Gideon saw the intruder raise her blade for a final strike, but his senses went dead before the stroke fell.
When Alexander awoke, it was in a place he did not recognise. He lay on another bed, feeling cold and lethargic. His limbs were like lead, his eyelids did not want to open, but within him stirred a passion, a hunger that he could not define. Through the darkness of the small room, his blurred vision picked up the outline of the woman who had saved him the previous night. He looked up into her gentle, vaguely Egyptian face with its dark, alluring eyes and felt…fear. In fact, he felt more scared than he ever had in his life, a nigh-irresistible urge within him to scream and flee from the woman’s presence. Her eyes locked with his and he cried aloud, feeling his fangs tear into his lips as his teeth gnashed together. The woman uttered a single command, a sentence which pierced the night like an arrow and grabbed onto his fragile mind;
“Calm yourself”.
Although the instincts within him still howled, Alex’s muscles locked.
“I will explain everything to you in due course. Make no mistake, you are dead; no medicine could have saved you from the venom in the Gaki’s claws. The fact that you had the strength to bring yourself to aid me, however…your potential was sufficient that I thought it best not to let death be the end for you”.
The woman’s explanation took the better part of the night, during which Alex was informed that he had, indeed, became a vampire. The creature that had tried to kill him the previous night was merely one of countless spiritual entities; Spirits, Gaki, Ifrit, Daimoni…Demons. The supernatural occurrences which had been of such interest to Alex in his university years were not merely passing phenomena or isolated cases; the supernatural was real, and all around him, hiding in plain sight. The woman, Alex’s “Sire”, was a member of Clan “Mekhet”, who studied and occasionally hunted other supernaturals on behalf of her “Covenant”. The fundamentals of vampiric existence were explained in detail to him; the Vitae and its powers, the danger posed by the sun, the five Covenants and their stereotypical views. With a mere few hours before dawn Alex was taken hunting for the first time and, for the first time in his existence, he killed. His Sire did not move to stop him from draining the young woman they had found; as Alex wrestled with his conscience she coldly explained that it was a lesson all vampires had to learn. In the following nights she further indoctrinated him into the code she had chosen to follow, teaching him the story of her Bloodline’s history, its descent from the Egyptian God Sutekh and the mandate to fight the “Spectral enemies”. She also explained the volatile nature of Kindred politics, and the fact that Alex’s existence among the undead was in fact grounds for both his, and her, destruction. The Mandarin (or “Prince”) of Singapore was unaware of the Khaibit’s existence within his domain, and she had kept herself hidden by exploiting the somewhat chaotic state of the Kindred in Singapore at the time. However adept she was at hiding, however, she could not risk having an ignorant childe by her side in such a dangerous place. She had come to Singapore in order to destroy two Gaki that had escaped her in Tokyo, and the time had come to complete her assignment and get out of the city. She took Alex along on her final hunt in Singapore, when they tracked down and bloodily executed the last of the snake-creatures, before dumping the body in the sewers. The rush of battle was a new and exhilarating experience for Alex, but it was not one he wished to repeat; the warrior-hunter ethic of his Sire was something he simply could not share in, even as he marvelled at his own undead body’s ability to repair the wounds he had sustained in the fight.

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The next five years saw Alexander and his Sire journeying throughout the globe. Travel was a difficult and highly dangerous task for a neonate, but his 60-years-Embraced Sire was experienced in such matters. She introduced him to the Circle of the Crone, the Covenant for which she worked, and explained something of how their Bloodline had come to serve the Circle after the fall of dynastic Egypt. Alex threw himself back into the study of the supernatural with renewed vigour, taking pains to document the entities that his Sire’s work brought him into contact with. His Sire instructed him in more than just history, however, and he was taught the basics of how to fight. The hunts in which he assisted his Sire tested the mystical prowess of his undead body, and after half a decade of these dangerous pursuits, his Blood had thickened to the point where he could take on the full characteristics of his Bloodline. Alexander Gideon was no longer simply Mekhet; he was a Khaibit, an Asp, and this ancient lineage lent him a degree of pride amidst the horror and danger of his work. Alex never could take on his Sire’s warlike ways completely, however, and when they finally parted ways in the winter of 1997, the young Kindred felt lost.
He continued his travels alone for some time, meeting up with the contacts he had made during his apprenticeship with his Sire. A Nosferatu smuggler by the name of Caspian spent a great deal of time with Alex in the war-torn middle-east, though Caspian was eventually destroyed after he unwittingly damaged the interests of a pack of the berserk creatures known as Lupines. For a few years Alex found a lover and companion in the form of a Spanish Mekhet named Carmen, though they parted ways in Africa when their relationship finally turned sour. Friends, mentors and peers have come and gone, and in the fourteen years since his Embrace, Alexander has found little in the way of stability. He returned to his home city of Carlisle, England in early 2005, and cashed in the remaining shares that had belonged to his family. In his absence, much of his family’s remaining business interests had fallen into disrepair, leaving his wealth in tatters. Alexander gathered what financial assets he could and attempted to settle into the Danse Macabre within Carlisle, but found the pettiness and chaotic bickering of the Kindred to be frustrating. For a year he secluded himself with his occult studies, occasionally taking assignments on behalf of the Circle of the Crone when the stakes were favourable. For a while, he thought his lack of direction would drive him mad, and he missed the guiding hand of his Sire.
In late 2006 things changed; the political structure within Carlisle was in ruins after a cabal of Invictus had adopted a ‘scorched earth’ policy with regards to the advancing power of the Circle of the Crone. Domains had become useless; the hierarchy altered each passing night as politically-motivated assassinations became the order of things. A failed Carthian coup nonetheless resulted in the Final Deaths of the city’s strongest Kindred, and even Alexander was forced to fight for his unlife when the vengeful Lancea Sanctum attempted to consolidate its position against the Crones. As all but a few die-hard Kindred fled the chaos, Alex decided to strike out for more stable territories. Newcastle was the nearest major northern city, but as he arranged transport and began his journey, the feeling crept into his mind that he was being drawn towards the north east for a reason. His enigmatic Sire had always told him of ‘feelings’ she would receive when the supernatural balance of an area was precarious, and merited attention. Whether or not this was what Alex was feeling is something he cannot be sure of, but he was certain that, for better or worse, Newcastle was to be his destination. Since his arrival at the city on the Tyne, the young Khaibit found himself inexorably drawn into it's politics, even to the point of serving on various positions and spending six months as the de facto leader of the city. the Kindred of Newcastle's brutal conflict with the Newcastle "Dragon" - a Kindred-killing monster which had slaughtered every vampire to claim residence there for the past sixty years - has drawn Alex in like a moth to a flame, and his occult expertise was in high demand as the city's newly-growing vampire population sought a means to destroy the creature which hunts them.

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Time in “Old” Newcastle:

Despite his admiration for her, Alex is not the warrior that his Sire was. In life he had never truly worked, finding being a student to be far more to his tastes. Until recently he considered himself little more than an occult scientist, observing and documenting the pagan heritage which spans the UK borderlands, and only interfering where necessary. Since moving to Newcastle, however, the city's ongoing struggles with the Dragon have instilled in Alex a somewhat more pro-active attitude with regards to his demon-hunting heritage. This recently awakened streak of valour has had its effects upon the young Khaibit, and when the genocidal creature invaded the Newcastle Elysium in February 2007, it was his efforts which finally saw the monster eradicated.
His training under his Sire taught Alex a particular way of living out his Requiem, and despite his comparative youth among the Damned he has little trouble with the notion that he must take blood from humans to survive. The trials of his years chasing demons have taken their toll upon him, however; his once-handsome face has become sallow-skinned and deathly pale, his eyes sunken and dark. Much of the predatory beauty and grace attributed to vampires has passed him by entirely, leaving him looking like someone who has suffered repeated nervous breakdowns. Alex has always suffered from his more instinctual side, as his Sire always told him that he would have to meet the Beast on his own terms. These nights he can barely even retract his fangs, as the near-constant danger in which he has placed himself throughout his unlife has brought the Beast close to the surface.
Since leaving his Sire, Alex’s greatest problem remains his lack of direction. Although he takes pride in his Bloodline’s mythological history, he is unable to fully buy into the Circle of the Crone’s spirituality. He reasons that while ancient vampires may have been worshipped as Gods, Gods themselves are certainly not the progenitors of the Kindred. He views the Ordo Dracul with a certain amount of empathy, seeing them as fellow scientists of the unknowable, but he finds their transcensionist philosophy to be laughable at best, preferring to be allowed to study the occult without being expected to apply it towards escaping his condition. Gideon sees both the Carthians and the Invictus as being as bad as each other, and so long as there is stability he doesn’t give much of a damn who is governing it. To this end, he extends marginally greater respect towards the Invictus, who he sees as less inclined towards blood-in-the-streets coups of political power. For the most part, Alex views the Lancea Sanctum with the same distain that they reserve for the Circle. Alexander could write theses on the supernatural horrors he has documented, and the Sanctified would burn them as heretical. Their antiquated notion that certain knowledge is not meant to fall into mortal – or Kindred – hands is reason enough in Gideon’s mind to dismiss the Sanctified philosophy out of hand.
Perhaps what scares Alexander more than any other concern of his, however, is the possibility that he is antithetical to the very stability which he seeks for his Requiem. For the past 10 years he has been unable to find a niche that has lasted, and it has crossed his mind that perhaps there is no proper place for him in Kindred society. A worse (and somewhat more paranoid) thought is that he has become a lightening rod – that without his Sire to guide him, Alex is a cathode for the very energies of disorder, and a negative influence on any place that he visits. Since arriving in Newcastle he served as a Primogen, a Sheriff, the Council's Regent and Prince Maddie Fuller's Master of Elysium, although he made it quite clear from the start that he would brook no offense from the fledgeling Prince. As it stands, Alexander's mind clings to his rapidly failing morality. While he appears to remain relatively sane for one whose principles have been so degraded, further exposure to chaos may be enough to push Alex over the edge; already some small, nihilistic part of him wishes that the dark forces his Sire spoke of would get off their collective arse and destroy the world already.
Despite the teachings of the Crone, Alex possesses a very scientific mindset with regards to the nature of the Kindred. He long ago came to accept the existence of ‘other dimensions’ (the spirit world, among others) and the notion that the laws of physics as we know them do not apply to such places. He wonders whether the Kindred may have their origins in such an unearthly dimension, though many of their capabilities can be explained (albeit tenuously) within the context of this world. Many of the Disciplines can be explained within the context of biochemistry, pheromone signals, psychology and even direct manipulation of one’s own molecular structure. What he truly does not understand is the Khaibit’s signature power of Obtenebration, which does not follow any rules or explanations; indeed, the ability to command shadows – not just absence of light, but some form of anti-light – is something which is fundamentally wrong in his mind. This failure to explain has not hindered his attempts to practice the Discipline, however, as he hopes that mastery of Obtenebration may grant insights into how vampires can alter the very laws upon which our universe is built.

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A Clean Slate?:

In September 2008, things changed drastically for the vampires of Newcastle…or at least, the version of Newcastle in which Alexander had resided. An apocalyptic situation in which the city was displaced from the mainstream space-time continuum and an ancient evil began to awaken caused Gideon and various others to collaborate in order to activate a machine which re-wrote reality, effectively merging those Kindred involved into a completely different version of their previous world. They appeared in the Newcastle Elysium just in time for Madeline Fuller to throw herself into the path of the now-active Newcastle Dragon’s fiery breath, thereby saving Prince Wodenson from destruction. In the aftermath the Dragon was quickly slain, and Alex found himself adrift with the other newcomers in an unknown world.
Things have undoubtedly changed in Gideon’s mind, and probably not for the better. For months leading up to the reality shift he had stood on the edge of complete burnout, seemingly overwhelmed by the continual upheavals and catastrophes that had affected his unlife, but in recent weeks he has shown occasional, brief periods of renewed intellectual vigour…although such changes seem to go hand-in-hand with the development of an intense sadistic streak. Gideon has since discovered that his Sire, the enigmatic Nephira al-A'aat, also survived the destruction of their home world, and is currently residing among the Black Friars in this version of Newcastle.
A few of Gideon's less savoury traits are common knowledge to those Kindred who journeyed across the reality shift, and have since become known to the other courts. One thing he has never much bothered to conceal is his utter distain for the Second Tradition. It is quite clear that Alexander views the Embrace as more a tool than a Curse, and during the course of his relatively short Requiem he has so far Sired three or four Childer (one of these was rumoured to be some kind of werewolf-like monster he encountered in Argentina…he was curious about whether such an entity could survive the Embrace…apparently it didn't, or the result was something so horrible that he killed it quickly afterwards). Despite his apparent degeneration and lack of regard for the rights of others, this Khaibit clearly believes that his ideals of protecting the world from worse evils than the Kindred are noble enough to justify the horrific means he has employed. In the past he has generally tried to keep damage to innocent bystanders to a minimum, though since the reality shift there have been those occasions where he has appeared to positively enjoy the suffering of those weaker than himself. What would give many vampires pause for thought is the fact that for all his closeness to the inner Beast, he has never once been seen to frenzy. Ever.

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Excerpts of Occult Research:

Allies, Associates & Enemies:

(Un)alive and Active:

  • Meri sit Anpu - Being both survivors of the reality shift and Acolytes of the Crone, these two would appear to have some common ground. They spend a good deal of time in one anothers' company, but how far their opinions are in agreement is anyone's guess…
  • Dr Marius - Gideon and this powerful elder of Newcastle would appear to be Covenant mates and firm allies. Who knows what horrors they could achieve between them…
  • Elizabeth Turner - Alexander has shown a somewhat protective attitude towards this Invictus Daeva ever since her awakening from Torpor in Newcastle. They don't seem to be concealing the fact that they are now lovers.
  • Guards-the-Pack - Alex apparently helped this disenfranchised Werewolf to settle into urban life, prior to the combined Kindred/Lupine assault upon the Society of Leopold.
  • Thropes - Alexander seems to have an intense fascination with these extremely dangerous beasts.
  • Andrei - Gideon's sociopathic alter ego; these two personailities vie for control of the same body.

Dead, Torpid or Missing:

  • Colonel John Killian - Both Hounds of Newcastle, these two seemed to work closely towards some greater purpose. Despite their disparate Covenants, they apparently shared a common vision of how the world should be…
  • Balthazar Black - Their roles had somewhat reversed since the reality shift, but Alexander seemed content to be working for this world's version of Balthazar, and was somewhat angered by his Final Death.
  • The Baron - These two struck up an accord since Gideon's first visit to Middlesbrough following the reality shift. It seems they had a respect for the power and resources that one another could provide.
  • Gabriella Ito - Boss Ito and Gideon were lovers for a while, and she sheltered him during his brief return to mortality. Since her degeneration into madness, the two seem to have gone their seperate ways. One may question whether Gabriella's Blood Bond ever had any hold over Alexander at all.
  • Ian Druss - Gideon has supported Druss on a number of occassions now. Did he see this young Carthian as a valuable asset, a simple pawn, or something of both?
  • Morrigan Hutter - Gideon's relationship with the neonate Prince of Middlesbrough can be a little rocky, to say the least.
  • Aidan McKay - Despite having never met this world's version of Aidan McKay in person, Alexander was quite happy not to. Apparently the last Aidan McKay that Gideon knew attempted to kill him for failing to prevent Prince Wodenson meeting Final Death.
  • Sonniku - Despite their apparent prior friendship, Sonniku's continual insolence and his part in the murder of another Kindred earned him Gideon's enmity.
  • Alex Knight - Although they never saw eye-to-eye on moral issues, Gideon was saddened by the loss of this Kindred. In his opinion, at least her demise was a worthy one.
  • Cassa Dar - These two never exactly enjoyed one another's company, though they managed to co-operate on pertinent issues with quite a degree of efficiency.
  • Ezekiel Abbedonn - Possibly the only member of the Sanctified who Gideon actually likes. Or maybe he just finds him entertaining.
  • Ambrose Ambrosio Ambrosius - Gideon despised Ambrose with a passion, and felt a tremendous sense of triumph when the demon was finally banished for good.

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Quotes From and About:

  • "After dealing with Newcastle's supernatural problems, I might take a holiday - I think a month hunting Werewolves in the Schwarzwald may be a nice reprieve." - Alexander Gideon
  • "Newcastle does get to me, at times…you'd have to be insane for it not to. But in truth, I love it here; this city is a cryptozoologist's wet dream." - Alexander Gideon
  • "Why do I get the feeling he will be as troublesome in this reality, as he was in ours? In any case, I'm glad he brought his greatsword across the barrier! Looks like we'll need his skills in the days to come." - Alex Knight, Q.C
  • "He frightens me occasionally with the apparent nihilistic depressed state he slips into, but at times I can understand why - our homes have been destroyed forever. In that, at least, we share something in common." - Alex Knight, Q.C
  • "Every covenant needs its leaders, its followers and its guard dogs. Gideon may fall into the last category but to his credit at least he seems to know his place and do his job well." - Alder Zachariah Thaddeus Bane
  • feel free to insert your own

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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics (rumours)

  • Alexander holds close ties to the Banu Sutekh, the ancient Cult of Set from which the Khaibit bloodline spawned.
  • Although young in the Blood, Alex has carved his way across continents and destroyed things far older and more powerful than himself.
  • Alex has regular dealings with Mages, Were-beasts and stranger blasphemies of nature.
  • Alexander's ultimate goal is to catalogue all the creatures of the night - to uncover every last mystery the shadows conceal.
  • Alexander barters his extensive occult knowledge to various groups and societies, including the infamous Heralds of Shadow.
  • Alexander has spoken with an Embraced Homo erectus - a vampire who is over a million years old.
  • Alex personally slew one incarnation of the Newcastle "Dragon" - a monster which had destroyed every Kindred attempting to inhabit the city for the past 60 years.
  • Supernatural disasters are drawn to Alexander like a cloud of locusts - wherever he goes, some otherworldly madness is almost certain to appear.
  • Alexander's respect for the Second Tradition is utterly minimal. He is believed to have Embraced a total of four childer during his unlife, none of them with the permission of the local Prince. His fourth, unknown, childe is rumoured to be the result of an attempt to Embrace an obscure shapeshifting creature in Argentina.
  • Alexander has banished many demons from this world, but not without a price. When he lowers himself to destroying other Kindred, their souls invariably end up being sent as "compensation" to the Abyssal Lords.
  • He came back into contact with his just over Sire a year ago, after she was released from six months of torture at the hands of a Titan-worshipping cult known as the Brotherhood of Pangu. In November 2007, he took an unnecessary amount of pleasure in helping to reduce the Brotherhood to ashes.
  • A young female Carthian in the United States claims to be the childer of Alexander Gideon. She is said to be very newly embraced, and in the northeast.
  • After his brief reunion with her, Alexander made the tragic mistake of falling in love with his Sire.
  • The reality shift and the subsequent loss of all that he had worked for hasn't merely spawned a vicious streak in Gideon's mind; his inner Beast has somehow achieved a fully sentient existence, and is hell-bent on some agenda of its own.
  • Gideon is clearly crazy. Skilled in combat or not, he appears to have all the self-preservation instincts of a lemming. Just how the hell has he survived this long?
  • Maybe this Kindred's Beast is better at surviving than he is…
  • When Prince Wodenson became possessed and attacked members of his own Court at the December gathering in Newcastle, Alexander successfully staked the ancient Ventrue in combat and drove him into Torpor.
  • Gideon has a theory that Newcastle's place as a frontier domain atop a dimensional Rift has induced in its resident Kindred a certain mindset suited to surviving Apocalyptic events. He is curious as to how well Durham and Middlesbrough would survive without help in the same position.
  • Alexander recently underwent some kind of platonic split, forced upon him by the Demonic entity calling itself the Broker. The change left Gideon's original mind and body functionally human…with the slight downside that his murderous alter ego was released into a body of its own, with all of the Khaibit's prodigious strength and Discipline knowledge at its disposal. Since then, some aspects of the change have reversed and Gideon would appear to be Kindred again.
  • Gideon was absent from the Court of Newcastle for four months, during which time he claims to have been in Honduras. What did he do there that was capable of reversing the transformation forced upon him by the Broker?
  • For some reason the Demon known as Ambrose recently went out of his way to save Alexander and some of his fellow Acolytes from a demonic trap in the sewers of Middlesbrough. Why would Ambrose feel that a Kindred who despises him was worth saving?
  • Upon learning that Ezekiel Vertiline had been spying on him on behalf of Edith Fitzroy, Gideon snapped his Clanmate's neck in retribution. Seems he managed to stop himself from ripping the younger Mekhet's head off, however…
  • Word has it that Gideon has challenged Sonniku to a final duel. He considers it his last mercy to the young Japanese Kindred that he has offered him a way to meet death honourably in battle rather than be torn to bloody shreds by the many that Sonniku has offended.
  • Alexander took a definite amount of pleasure in throwing a certain loud-mouthed American Kindred across the room at a gathering in Darlington.
  • Prior to the ritual which finally saw the demon Ambrose banished, Alexander agreed to be staked in order to prevent Ambrose exercising any influence over him. It seems that if he did make any deals, he may have escaped the consequences…
  • Alexander finally re-integrated with the monstrous Andrei at the North East Grand Tournament, during a battle in which both participants brought their full mastery of the Disciplines to bear.
  • Following a renewed mental struggle with Andrei, Gideon has left the North East, apparently trusting the fate of the world to his fellow Kindred. For now, anyway…

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Feel free to add any further videos/music that remind you of/seem appropriate for Gideon

A Perfect Circle - Passive

Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls

The Rasmus - In the Shadows

Voltaire - When You're Evil (for Gideon is his less humane moments)

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OOC Information:

Name: James Frost (nobody uses my first name; just call me Frost, I'm pretty used to it by now)

Occupation: Student - Msc Wildlife Conservation & Management

Facebook: James Michael Frost

DeviantArt: Lord of Misrule

email: ku.oc.oohay|ssybaehtfoseye#ku.oc.oohay|ssybaehtfoseye

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