Alexander Hart
Player Vacant
Character Alexander Hart
City Darlington
Clan Unknown
Covenant Unknown
Age upon Embrace Unknown
Occupation/Position The "American"
Hometown Unknown
Status within the City Unknown





Recent Events:

*Confirmed to be controlled by The Committee.
*Set alight The Baron in Middlesbrough Court after Lucy Ann poured lighter fluid over him. The baron mananged to escape easily.
*Confirmed in getting a bunch of biker's to attack Middlesbrough Elysium with petrol bomb's.




  • Has an uncanny ability to keep surviving each new crime he is accused of in succession.
  • Has been tied to almost every piece of furniture in the Darlington Elysium for questioning at one time or another.
  • Isn't actually American and actually hates Americans. It is his divine plan to make everyone hate all Americans through his actions.
  • The committee is a figment of his fractured mind. It doesn't really exist.
  • The only reason Kindred are keeping him alive is because they have a pool on for when he dies. They are protecting their interests!

Quotes from or about Alexander Hart:

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