Ambrose Ambrosio Ambrosius

A seemingly minor Demon which takes residence in the city of Durham. Ambrose is particularly disliked by Bishop Odo, who generally blasts him with the most powerful Theban Sorcery available whenever the two individuals meet. Other Kindred have found that destroying Ambrose's physical body does little more than inconvenience him, as he always returns from Hell with his usual cheery manner.

Ambrose does not hide the fact that he is a Demon of vice, and he revels in the expression of Lust, Sloth, Greed, Wrath, Envy and any other sin that you care to mention. While he is capable of changing his form to mimic virtually anyone (including Bishop Odo at one point), the face which he seems to wear most often is that of a hideously mutated grinning clown with sharp, pirahna-like teeth.

He is Also an urbane, handsome and incredibly intelligent chap…..well liked by all of the Kindred of the North East. Particularly by Ms Cassa Dar who he considers a deep friend and knows the feeling is mutual. He is cunning and ingenious and often pops up when you least expect him.

He also appears to have a fondness for Fred Astaire's "Let's face the music and dance".

He is Currently at War with The Broker

Ambrose and The Broker's Master is the Demon Prince Andremelach, who is currently Trapped underneath Durham.

The Broker apparently Betrayed Andremelach, which is why Ambrose and he don't get on.

There is a theory that The Broker and Ambrose are actually the same person, possibly suffering from a split personality that they are not even aware of each other. Ambrose Denys this.

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