Amodeous Von Carlson

Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Carthian Movement


Born in Germany on the 30th September 1864. His family seeking a new life, emigrated to the new world and settled in America.

Living life as a street urchin in the Frontier West towns. He eventually turned to a life of Bounty Hunter and hire gun. Where as both mortal and kindred he lives for the exceitment of pitting his skills as a fighter against the next target.

After drifting for many years, he joined the Carthian Movement.

After his most recent spell in Durham, he was recalled to be debriefed, before re-assignment, pending a full evaluation.


6ft 6inchs tall, Long Black Hair, Green Eyes and wears Glass's. He can often be seen in cowboy boot's sporting a rather nice set of spurs, his lucky black Cowboy hat, with a shot gun blast in the front and wearing a Black Trench coat. Gernally adopting the bounty hunter image that he used during life.

However he has recently adopted the image of a 1920's gangster. Which was the style of clothing he wore the last time he wore fashionable clothing, whilst working for Chicargo Mobsters during the prohibation era.


It is said that he sleeps with a Sawn off shot gun under his pillow called Bianca. ….
It is said that his favourite piece of music is Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit The Floor", Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" and Disney's " A Pirate's Life" ….
It is said that he met and inspired Billy the kid. ….
It is said that he has only ever played with all the foe's that have entered the elysium, and nobody has ever seen him fight with anger or passion. ….
It is said that he used to work for the Mafia and even Al Capone himself….
It is said that he has just turned 145 on the 30th September. ….
It is said that he has a heart colder than liquid nitrogen. …..
It is said that he liked his eggs litely scrambled. ….
It is said that he was the inspiration for the Tetragramaton Cleric in the 2002 Film Equilibrium. …..
It is said that he is a member of a Carthian Armed Responce Group.

All we know is he is named Amodeous Von Carlson and he likes his guns.


All Carthians

Sympathisers on a case by case basis.

Jonathan Harrington - A Brother of the Movement and shared passion for firearms has brought these two together

Morrigan Hutter - Deceeded

Sonniku - Has taken a liking to Sonniku after Sonniku's last visit to Newcastle. He feels a little protective of him, reminding Amodeous of a younger age. A Fellow Brother in the Movement

Cathrine Woodville - A Sister in The Movement and someone he greatly respects.


It is shorter to list those who aren't


"Druss, where do you want it? Knee or Balls?" Refering to Where druss was going to get shot on Gadreel's orders
"But I have order's from Mr Gadreel, to shoot Druss, if he does anything stupid"
"But I want to shoot something"
"He's like the Williamia Lawson of the Carthians, but more effective than just a meat sheild" Williamia's player on dicussing Amodeous actions at Nov 09 Durham.

The True History of Amodeous Von Carlson

Name: Amadeus Von Carlson
Current Age:145 years
Years since being embraced: 110 years
Age when embraced. 34

Amadeus was born, in Talburg, a small town near Munich in the Kingdom of Bavaria (Germany did not become Germany until unification in 1871). Amadeus was born to the local baker Hans and his wife Helga Von Carlson on September 30th 1864. His father was a fairly successful business man, and during this period of his life Amadeus had a fairly happy and joyous time. Until the local Lord increased his fathers rent to such extent that the family business became unviable and was forced to sell his business to the landlord for a fraction of what it was worth. On the sale of the business in 1869, Han’s and his family immigrated to Ohio in the USA, in order to seek a better life.

Unfortunately life was not as prosperous as they were lead to believe, his farther was unable to make a living as a baker and slowly the family slipped into poverty. Upon which his father Han’s slipped into alcoholism and fits of violent rage against both Amadeus and his Mother.

His father used to drink, come home and call her a whore, and such names beating her for good measure. When Amadeus got in the way or attempted to stop him. His father would beat him until he backed down or in some cases until he was knocked out. Occasionally Amadeus would get the drop on his father and smash a bottle or heavy object over his fathers head, knocking him clean cold.

Helga tried her best to shelter Amadeus from his father’s beatings and mood swings, but often she failed. This abuse brought Amadeus and his mother Helga very close together. Until the age of 14 when in one particularly violent mood his father picked up on their closeness and threatened to kill Helga if his son didn’t leave home and never be seen again.

Amadeus got on a train to Dodge City, where he became a street urchin, who practised as a pick pocket and other thief type activities. One night when he was 15 he was badly mauled by a jewellery store owner’s Rottweiler. These wounds healed slowly with a bit of time and assistance from cheap local doctors which he paid with what little stolen loot he had. After this he brought his first gun, a Colt .45 SSA or Colt Peacemaker.

No long after this purchase he had saved enough loot to look after his mother. He returned home. To find his father had beaten Helga one night in a fit of alcoholic rage, so much so that she never woke up the next day. Before Hans then remarried to a local whore only 2 years older than Amadeus. Amadeus’s on discovery of this went into frenzy and shot them both. Firstly Amadeus shot them in one foot so they couldn’t run away. Before piercing one lung in each of them with a single shot, so they couldn’t scream.

Then grabbing a hand full of his father’s hair and pulling his father up right by his hair, and placing his .45 against his fathers head.
“Thank you for all the pain you bastard. Mother sends her love, but its time you meet Satan.”
His father spluttered
“Its time to say goodbye father! Say good bye!”
His father wimpered but said nothing.
Amodeous leant in close and whispered “Good Bye” in his father’s ear as his pulled the trigger exploding brain matter all over the young girl’s face, who tried to scream but couldn’t.

Taking a kitchen knife, Amadeus begun to cut open the young girls chest and pull out the intestines and stomach, which he pierced with the knife and poured the stomach acid on her face. Finally he stood over her and shot her in the forehead.

Before he grabbed all the food and ammunition he could find and running from the iosolated farm house, taking one of the horses tied up outside. He rode and rode, until the horse could not move. He rode clear into the state of Alabama. From then he continued to drift around, still pick pocketing, as well as getting into the occasional shoot out at high noon. Taking what little money they had to survive.

At the age of 18 he took his first bounty contract. The contract was on a man named John Finkle. A murderer wanted for 24 accounts of being drunk and disorderly/drunken brawling, 6 accounts of cattle rustling, 8 accounts of arm robbery and 3 murders.

He continued living in frontier towns moving from one to another in search of bounty work. He used to frequent brothels and pubs, as he moved. Usually picking up his bounties contracts from these establishments, but more than often he worked for the local authorise in the area. He earned the name Carlson the Cruel, using often highly torturous method to bring a suspect into town. His favourite was riding at full gallop with the prisoner tied dragging 6 feet behind his horse Ish-tar.

In one town, he met a kinder, known as Bianca. Who was the mistress/propritor of a brothel (oc known as the Blue Rose but Amadeus never paid attention to brothel names, as to him they all were the same really). She seduced him over the course of several nights whilst he frequented the brothel’s bar. Finally he gave in, and she took him into her bed. But no sooner had she begun to undress him did she bite his neck, draining him. Taking pity on she poured a little of her blood in to him.

He woke up the next night lying next to Bianca, with the biggest splitting headache ever. She tried to explain but a terrified and confused Amadeus lashed out and emptied 3 rounds from each of his twin Colt 45’s into her skull as he ran out of her room and down the corridor, down the stairs and out of the saloon into the night.

By the time dawn had begun to make is presence known, Amadeus had made his way into the towns graveyard and in order to escape the now burning twilight, he broke into a crypt.

A few nights latter he ventured from the crypt, he attempted to find his way back to the house. But when he arrived it was on fire.

Some month’s later he over heard a strange conversation about kinder and the burning of a brothel called the Velvet Rose, for an unapproved childe from an outsider Bounty hunter, by a group called the Invictus and some Lancea. He vaguely remembered there being a black rose like flower above the name of the brothel. But then again he had been in so many over the years the names seemed inconsequence to him at the time. But when he came to think of it he was pretty sure that the brothel he had been called the Velvet rose. He wandered over and introduced himself not letting slip that he was the one that they had killed and burnt the brothel down for. They introduced him to the way of the vampire life. Introducing him into the vampires of rural America.

From then on spent his time moving from town to town, working for various law enforcement kinder and human alike, as hired muscles and a lone gun-man/bounty hunter. Raising each night with the urge and single minded goal of killing all of the Invictus and Lancea Sanctum in revenge.

During the depression and gang wars of the 1920’s he worked for various gangs and mafia families as hired help, and protection as a body guard boot legging runs. Through the use of obfuscation and his inhuman ability to sustain wounds that would drop other humans, he earned the name in the gangster circles as the Shadowman. Always making sure anybody who witnessed his true vampiric nature died as soon as they did.

By the time Al Capone has risen to power, Amadeus had drifted into Chicago and joined Al Capone’s organization as a lowly enforcer working his way up. Eventually Amadeus’s abilities got him noticed by Al Capone who requested a meeting with Amadeus. On arrival the presence of several Kindred including Al Capone himself set each other’s beasts off, there by recognizing each other as kindred. Al Capone was a member of the Venture Clan, as well as a fairly modernised for Invictus and the Prince of the South Side Court. From then on Amadeus took a more active role in the South Side Gang violence and protection rackets.

On being introduced to the South Side Court the truth of the city was revealed to him. The cities two rival gang’s, the North Side and South Side, were actually fronts and retainers or ghouls of the respective North and South Side Courts.

Eventually events lead to February 13th 1929, and the St Valentines Day Massacre cover up ('s_Day_massacre). Amadeus being the man described as in civilian clothing carrying the 50 round Thompson submachine gun. In truth, the actual murders of the St Valentine’s Day Massacre reported to of been on the 14th of February 1929 actually took place the night before on February 13th.
The Venture members of the South side Court of Chicago, altered the minds of the witness’s to make it sound like a daylight mob attack, and to only give sketchy details of the attackers, as part of the cover up.

In truth Amadeus had arranged with Al Capone the attack and murder of Kindred in response to the continued threats from the North Side Court. As well as several random attacks on South Side Court members by well informed Hunters known to be in the pockets of some members of the North Side Court and as well as encroachment on to some of the South Side Court’s hunting grounds. So Amadeus set up the hit on the garage, known to be a sanctuary of several key members of the North Side Court. The hit squad took them totally by surprise using mortal retainers to throw several Molotov’s through the windows. Before the South Side Kindred opened up with Tommy gun’s and swords on as the occupants tried to leave the building. They were successful in their attempt. The Sherriff, Harpy and Hounds of the North Side Court were caught in the attack, along with several other prominent members of the court, 7 Kindred in all.

Amadeus’s part of the cover up was to find 7 bodies, as the witness’s saw 7 people enter the building that night. For these he rounded up 7 homeless people, with promises of a warm place to sleep, money and some food. All they had to do was follow him and do as he told them. He had them line up against the back wall of the garage, before he killed them in an execution style laughing as he did it, enjoying the sin and the last moments of the terrified mortal’s lives as he mercilessly cut them down.

A few weeks after this event he realised that this last run of blood lust had severely depleted his control over his own beast. He decided he must regain control and began a deep effort to give to the poor and help them against the mob, purchasing their homes out right from the mobs loan sharks and turning the deeds over to them. By helping the law bring some of the mob’s/Court’s enforcers to trial, before finally moving away.

By this time he had begun to hear whisper’s of the Carthian movement’s ideals and beliefs, which matched very similarly to his own. He sought out Carthian coffee house’s and eventually after a year he met with an agent of the Cromwell Initiative, a small group of Carthians. Who spoke to Amadeus at great length about the ideals of the Carthian’s and the Initiatives’ role (The Cromwell Initiative consists of 3 Departments, The Central Intelligence Group C.I.G, Field Agency and The Research and Development Group.)

Amadeus decided to join and was recruited in the Field Agency. However he made them aware that he had sworn himself to a 50 year period of sleep/voluntary as part of his penitence for his crimes, and violent nature. He was placed safely in a coffin in the RnD Groups storage for 50 year’s.

Upon waking in 1982, he begun setting about work for the Cromwell Initiative and spent the next 15 years moving around America as directed by the CIG. Basically operating as Carthian mobile muscles. Before being sent to England in 1997 and to Leicester in 1998 to bring about the revolution and install Carthian lead council. Based on the 400 year old model in Carthian strong hold of Cambridge. A democratically elected council of 3 representatives, a Marshall, a President, and Sectary.

Having completed his mission in Leicester, in 2008, with the over throw of the previous regime and the installation of the council. The C.I.G sent him a message to proceed to the North and meet with the Regional contact Mr Gadreel and to help him in every way to bring peace and reform to the region. On one cold evening in December 2008 Amadeus arrived in Durham for his meeting with Mr Gadreel and an introduction to the court of Durham.

Amadeus is a believer, he believes so fundamentally in the Carthian Cause. His loyalty to the movement is beyond question, he will under no circumstances abandon the movement’s ideals or the cause it’s self. He is willing to sacrifice his friends, even kill them without too much of a second thought, if it means to protect the Cause and his Mission.

He is a Carthian simply because he believes that the way kinder have treated each other in the past is beyond medieval in its mentality, and thus should try to modernise itself. So that it becomes flexible and able to adapt more effectively. So that it can deal with the masquerade in the modern times, as the strength of human culture is its ability to adapt and modernise itself with the latest advances in science and technology. This in his opinion is what the kinder must do or risk being exposed.

Hence he has over the years updated his pistols, keeping his first colt 45 in a wooden case as a memory of the past, i.e. not to forget where you came from. But upgrading his mains every few year’s guns went new and better one come out. So that he now carries two Desert Eagles.

(Notes, um he has restored his original colt to working status and at the Middlesbrough regional had one of his desert blown up)

Unresolved questions i.e. things that my character doesn’t know as fact but suspects are true. Also other additional sections of personality and beliefs that, are not included in the above story.
Life as a mortal:

• Did you (do you still) have any relatives or loved ones? Definitely from my extended family i.e. my mothers side and fathers side they both had a brother and sister each. They still live in Germany, and have no interaction with myself because in short my immediate family are dead or I killed them over 100 years ago in America. So as far as the family line, are aware they lost contact or simply were murdered unsure yet.
• Did you have any special skills or abilities? Gunslinger, and gunsmithing
• What made you passionate about life? Bring people like his father to justice, in a way he saw fit, usually fairly brutally as the believed that the only way to make them under stand is to treat them as they treat others, like scum.
• What were your principles and ideals? Life and make sure nobody gets the better of him. To survive at all costs
The embrace:
• How do you feel about being embraced? It’s both a blessing and a curse. He misses a good sunrise. But is glad he can at least watch them in the movies now. But it means he can continue his crusade against the Invictus and Sanctum until it is done.
• Do you know who your sire was and do you still have any contact? Bianca, but she is dead from being burnt in her brothel by a bunch of vampires from the order of Invictus with their Allies the of the Sanctum
• Did you keep contacts with the mortal world? Yes, I believe this may be resolved or implied by the Cowboy era gunman/ bounty hunter character lifestyle. Mainly gun runners and some low level criminals and small time mobsters.
Life as a vampire:

• What drives you? Revenge on The Sanctum and Invictus for their brutal methods against the kinder in order to keep them under control. To improve kinder society by making it more like the mortal, in order to make it more flexible and resilient to the encroaching of mortals. In short to survive.
• What kind of person are you (are you strong, socially skilled, intelligent, creative, etc. Etc.)? Gun nut is a two word summary. He’s calm in nearly all situations believing that he is practically invincible. Mind you that comes from nearly 100 years of hunting various desperados and psychotic murdering criminal humans with bounties on their head. He is mildly socially awkward in kinder society, tending to follow the will of the highest ranking Carthian in the room. He’s often silent and observing most people’s movements. He tends to follow the philosophy that if you haven’t solved the problem by shooting it you need a bigger better gun. Or Shoot first talk later, which has save his life a couple of times as a mortal bounty hunter. Often found quoting the film the good the bad the ugly “When you gotta shoot. Shoot. Don’t talk.”
• Do you have any unusual beliefs or ideas? Um nout out of the ordinary really dislikes prostitutes. Big guns are good. Invictus bad, Sanctum Bad. The best type of Invictus or Sanctum is a final death one.
• Do you have any unusual feeding habits? Over the last 50 years he has posed in many circumstances as doctors to gain access to hospital transfusion supplies and sometimes medical supplies. But he will often hunt, when he can, preferring to prey upon prostitutes and the homeless. However he may begin to in the future sell “drugs” to people, if he can get sedative/sleeping drugs either by stealing them from hospitals or via under ground contacts, and wait for them to go to sleep before biting them
• Where will your haven (safe house / home) be? A local house on the edge of Durham, some where near some woodland and an entrance to the sewers. To effect as escape routes
• Do you retain a mortal identity? Occasionally when it suits him, for contracts as a bounty hunter for mortals. He goes by the name of Gary Greyson P.I.
• When he’s pretending to be a doctor using forged doctor Identity papers and name badges, he usually goes by the name George Williamson. But in general he uses what ever name comes to mind, to make it difficult for people to track him or find out about him. As for the identities he always carries at least one set on him, usually James Greyson with a current P.I licences.
• How do you afford your life / lifestyle? In the past he has hired prostitutes in the various brothels that he frequented earlier in his un-life. Feeding upon them as a source of money and blood. Along with various pick pocketing, burglaries and bounties. However over the years he has built up a stockpile of long term investments using the cash he has stolen from prostitutes and various jobs like bounty hunting, that pay a regular dividend to him
What do you want? What have you come here to achieve? Victory for the Carthians. Changing the way kinder live, as part of his un-life long crusade against the Sanctum and Invictus.

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