Player NPC
Character Andrei
Concept The Other
City Durham
Sire Nephira al-A'aat
Known Childer None, thankfully
Clan Mekhet
Bloodline Khaibit(?)
Covenant Unaligned
City Status N/A


What is Known:

Most Kindred would have difficulty even defining what Andrei actually is. The truth, as far as Alexander Gideon is concerned, is that Andrei is Gideon's inner Beast. Andrei is certainly a creature of absolutely zero morality; he will hunt, feed and kill without restraint, pausing only to ensure there are no surviving witnesses to his monstrosity. He is effectively a shark in human skin, and although his demeanour can be charming and urbane when he requires it, the fact is that his only pleasure lies in the piece-by-piece destruction of other sentient beings. Perhaps the suffering of his victims is just as sweet to him as their blood.
How Andrei can exist in this manner - devoid of all ethical constraints, yet seemingly fully intelligent and self-aware - is a question which would give pause to scholars of the Kindred condition. To hear Alexander Gideon tell it, the hunger that has animated his undead form for the past eighteen years was never the mindless animal which lurks beneath the skin of other vampires. Gideon's inner Beast has always been the creature that calls itself Andrei - a cold, malicious sociopath with an agenda of its own that makes the most depraved of "normal" Kindred look moral by comparison. Andrei has thus far made no secret of his willingness to barter with demons for power, and perhaps the reason for this fearlessness is that he really does have nothing to lose…what horror can demons hold to one who has no soul to sell?


Quotes From/About:

"Finally! I can't tell you how good it feels to no longer be trapped in there with that weakling." - Andrei, upon being freed from the body of Alexander Gideon


  • It was recently revealed that Andrei was the one who killed the physical form of the Spirit of Durham…an act which raises quite terrifying questions about how powerful he has become.



Voltaire - When You're Evil

Nine Inch Nails - Closer

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