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A demon trapped underneath Durham for reason's unknown, who trapped him and how did they do it? The demon was sealed using 7 seals.


Recently, these seal's where destroyed, one by one, by Sir Nicholas Desoulis, which caused the demons to start talking in kindred's mind's about getting them to release him. It was only a matter of time the demon was to be released, therefore, with the assistance of Lucian Carnifex, Cassa Dar gave up her body to the demon in order for kindred to deal with him.

It was thanks to the help of Angel Polarius in the body of Alex Knight, that she was able to rid the foul demon.

The Jarl

Andremelach is known to be one of the combatant's to help with the sealing of the Jarl, along with Wodenson, Bishop Odo, the Original Hunter Green and Woad.

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