Arkady Danilovich


Player Dale
Character Arkady Danilovich
Concept Cold War Spy turned Kindred Saboteur
City Newcastle
Sire Anzhela Kasyanova
Known Childer None
Clan Daeva
Covenant Carthian Movement (Formerly Invictus)
Born 1922
Embraced 1945
City Status Carthian Primogen & Master of Elysium (2)

From Russia with…Love?:

Arkady is a sociable and friendly face to those who attend Newcastle’s court and one of the few who was around for the reign of Prince Wodenson. He can often be identified by the sunglasses he's never found without, despite the fact he hasn't seen sunlight in half a century. Over the years he’s let slip that he was born in Newcastle, brought up in a time when mining was still a viable career option. (Of course he defines viable as the opposite of starving to death.)

He spent decades behind the Iron Curtain before returning in the late 1990's to Newcastle and he’s very much a relic of the cold war. His speech often slips back into a Russian accent and the communist medals he displays clearly show his adopted homeland. Arkady has claimed much of the Underground of Newcastle as his domain and while some find the idea of a ‘tunnel dwelling Daeva’ amusing there’s nothing at all humorous about it to him. He remembers living in a time when the Force of the Atom was unleashed on the world and thermonuclear war was a button press away.

Living underground is the only sane option in his mind.

Carthian Politics:

Politics define the Carthian Movement and the few times Arkady has expressed his opinions they’ve been a drastic departure from what’s expected. He’s a staunch loyalist to the covenant and he is still a card-carrying member of the Communist Party of the USSR. As a former-Soviet citizen he has little taste for democracy, a crude invention he considers a ‘cancerous blight.’ Arkady also is quite amicable to members of the Invictus and hasn't shown any of the typical Carthian distaste for them, it might be why he's survived two Invictus Princes!

Still Arkady seems to show little enthusiasm for what type of society is installed. He’s even been heard to argue that the feudalistic trappings of Prince and Praxis fulfil the basic principles of the Movement - as long as the masses are represented by their appointed Primogen and the positions evolve with the needs of the court. His reasons for joining the Movement clearly are more than the short-sighted pursuit of power and he’s strongly in favour of the communal nature of Carthian collectivism.

Allies, Associates & Enemies:

  • Gabriella Ito - The 'Boss' of Newcastle clearly thinks something about Arkady to appoint him in two positions within her court. Either she has some respect for him or plots some devious trap. Arkady simply hopes he'll survive with all his 'limbs' intact.
  • Morrigan Hutter - Arkady thinks very highly of Morrigan and her attitudes. While other's seem content to dismiss the Unaligned for her youth and so-called ignorance he certainly has seen something more.
  • Ian Druss - Arkady is often seen in discussion with his fellow Comrade. Still there are no rumblings of glorious revolution or the sound of molotov's igniting just yet… Could there be such things as reasonable Carthians out there?

Quotes From and About:

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  • Arkady staged his 'defection' and covertly works towards Invictus supremacy.
  • If you believe everything you hear then Arkady has served as a Cheap Labour Miner, Sergeant in the British Army, an agent for the Special Operations Executive, Investigator for the Leningrad Militsiya, a Brick-headed thug, a Senior Lieutenant for the Committee for State Security (Because everyone knows that all Ruskies worked for the KGB), a Psychological Profiler and lastly a Publisher of trashy Supermarket Tabloids.
  • Arkady wears his sunglasses to disguise some affliction. Perhaps he is not as Daeva as he claims.


Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture - Set to Nuclear Tests

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