Supernatural sensitivity and awareness and the ability to know the unknowable. Practiced primarily by those of Mekhet blood.

• Heightened Senses
This ability allows the user to hone one or more of their senses to a superhuan degree.

•• Aura Perception
This power can reveal the nature of the observed creature and uncover their emotions simply by looking at them.

••• The Spirit's Touch
By touching an object the user is able to percieve past events in which it was involved. This power can also be used to perceive the recent past of a person or other supernatural creature.

•••• Telepathy
A subject's consciousness is now open to this power's user, enabling their thoughts to be read or even implanting new ones.

••••• Twilight Projection
Those so in tune with their minds are able to separate their consciousness from their body. While the body falls into a torpor-like state the vampire is able to travel around as if they were a ghost.

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