Benicio Antonio del Castillo de la Cruz
Player Kurt
Character Benicio Antonio del Castillo de la Cruz aka "Ben"
City Middlesbrough
Clan Daeva
Covenant Carthian
Age upon Embrace 25
Occupation/Position Pimp
Hometown Constantina, Seville, Spain
Status within the City Resident/Sheriff of Darlington



An obvious latin past, noticeable through the hairstyle and bone structure. Quite tall for a Spaniard at 6 feet and an athletic physique. He wears quite gaudy clothing, highlighting features known to be appealing to some, to the rest he looks quite sleazy.

He will most definitely be enjoying himself if you see him at the Elysium, either by flattering the ladies, or trying to create some fun.


Felicity is the only person that he has shown true loyalty to, she's dead now. Though he has on a number of occassions, risked his life for the city of Middlesbrough.


Anyone who endangers the life of his lovers, mortal or otherwise


Benicio Antonio del Castillo de la Cruz, embraced in 1975 at the human age of 25 years old. He grew up in the small farming village of Constantina in Seville, Spain. Despite being in a small village, his family were sickeningly rich and profited from the war due to their monopoly of the wine industry in southern Spain.

Benicio, or Ben, became highly noticeable at the rich and elegant parties his parents used to throw, from the age of 15. He was remarkably good looking and from the guidance of his 2 older brothers, he would get more women if his muscles were bigger. By 18 he was the most coveted goal by all the women, and even most of the men who were that way inclined, at these parties. He had relations with nearly everyone who showed him any interest, and due to his growing drug habit and alcohol consumption, managed to even bargain for payment after he was finished with them, though still keeping with his good looks and remarkable talents, money was of little concern to these bored, rich, thrill seekers.

It didn't take long before people from all over Spain began to 'hire' Ben for somewhat illicit activities. Ben didn't mind, he particularly enjoyed it at his parties, without a doubt being the centre of everyones attention. It was at one of these parties when a young woman caught his attention. Catalina was her name, she came to his party at the same time every week and partook in many questions about his life and his loves, then they shared the most passionate sex he has ever had in his life.

Their relationship lasted about 6 months before it was revealed that she was a vampire and she wanted him to be like her so they could live like this forever. She promised Ben everlasting youth, beauty and life, where he can give his love to everyone and everyone will love him and she will teach him all that and more. Totally enamoured with Catalina, but not stupid, he asked the consequences, which seemed nothing in comparison. He agreed to be embraced by her.

A few days later, the Castillo de la Cruz family were mourning the loss of their youngest member who died from a drug overdose. While Ben was getting to grip with his new vampire powers of walking into a nightclub and turning it into his own personal party. Catalina originally loved how easy the gift of Majesty came to him, she knew it would. Ben loved it, loved the attention, loved everything about being a vampire. He eventually started to resent the constraint that Catalina had on his un-life who seemed to act more of a disciplinary figure now more than a fun lover.

He wanted to get away from this life he now found 'constricting' but needed a way of gaining money. He asked his mentor, maker and lover how she established her riches, to which she smiled and said plainly, “ I just ask for it”. He hatched a plan, all the women and men who enjoyed sex as much as he did when he was mortal, he'll ask them if they want to ask for money from there sexual partners, he'll make sure that they stay safe by keeping an eye on their situation and he will only hook them up with the clientèle that have quite a large disposable income. Due to most of Bens lovers being completely swept up with him, they agreed. Over the next ten years, Benicio had quite a large escort business built up and his money had grown considerably.

Over a short amount of time, Benicio had planned his escape. He bought a one way ticket to a location that Catalina wouldn't dare think of visiting, and with a suitcase full of money, departed the very next day without a word, leaving his lovers, his business and his maker behind.

Arrival in Middlesbrough:

Ben arrived at Teesside airport and got a taxi to Middlesbrough, it didn't take long before he bought himself a comfortable residence, kitted out in all the things he liked, as well as locating the cities night life.

He began partying away used to the life he had lived for so long before he noticed that his money started to dwindle again. Using the only way he knows how to make money, he started finding a select group of young attractive people to see if the wanted to do this favour for him.

Since then, he has had a position in court, helped to save the world on numerous occasions, watched his lover's heart get ripped out (literally) and most recently become the Sheriff of Darlington.


  • He's not True Spanish, he's actually Mexican
  • He knows Director Robert Rodriguez personally. He was partly the inspiration for many of the characters in his films.
  • Knows the way to Amarillo.
  • Mistook Amarillo for Armadillo, he has five
  • Is plagued by a memory of Felicity singing along with "Burn Away" bu the Foo Fighters.
  • Is the King of Smut and Innuendo's.
  • Can spot an Innuendo from 5 miles away.
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