Bishop Odo

Title: Bishop of Durham
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum


Odo is the feared master of Bishop of Durham, he ruled the city with a rod of iron for centuries. In 1538 Odo banished all resident kindred from the domain and refused entrance to his city for 300 years, when he eventually relented and allowed others to return he forbid any to cross the old moat into the heart of the city or to gather in numbers.
Bishop Odo used his warders to enforce his laws a group of extremely old and utterly dedicated ghouls who served as his eyes and ears (not to mention his iron fist on occasion.
Though settlers were allowed and were even given positions it quicly became clear that in this domain, the titles held little power. Primogen were appointed but never called to council, even the Sheriff was limited in what areas of the city they were allowed to enter. True authority remained with Odo and his warders.

The approach of torpor forced Bishop Odo to change his policy coviening court for the first time in decades in the search for a regent to rule in his stead while he slept.
Having chosen Karl Braun as his regent the Bishop retired to his secret haven to sleep under the protection of his warders.

Upon the orders of King Beogart, Odo was killed by Tyler O'Harris.


  • Okay so hes been around for centuries and by his own admission he hasnt entered torpor in a very long time so am I the only one wondering who or what hes been eating lately?
  • Bishop Odo is entirely insane he appears publicly only during his brief moments of lucidity and the rest of the time his warders protect him from himself.
  • The Bishop has extensive files on every kindred who has ever entered the city along with who knows what else.
  • Bishop Odo is a diablerist!
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