Black Friars

The Black Friars are believed to be an offshoot of the mortal religious sect of the same name, they were violently opposed by Prince Wodenson who spent decades attempting their extermination and for a time it was believed that they were destroyed but they re emerged loosing the Unreal onto the city in an attempt to distract the court so that they could carry out their own secret agenda.
For a brief period there was a tentative truce while they cooperated in the recovery of the prophesies from the well of worlds but this fragile peace fell apart when they claimed that the kindred of the three cities involved held back pieces of the prophesies and Bishop Odo revoked his regents promise of peace and yet again instated blood hunt on the friars in the city of Durham.

The Black Friars continue to manipulate events to their own ends and most recently they used the threat of bombs placed in the city to ensure that Wilamina Lawson of the Ordo and Prince Ito of the Invictus were out of the way during some key event.

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