A bloodhunt is called when a kindred has committed (or been accused) of a grievous crime or offense, it can only be issued by a powerful kindred usually only the Prince of a city although powerful elders with enough authority may risk calling one if they feel they have the backing to get away with it.
The subject of a bloodhunts life is forfeit, they are pursued and hounded until they leave the domain and anyone who offers them aid shelter or support does so at risk to their own existence.
Traditionally any and all methods that do not break the masquerade are used to hunt down and slay the target and its whispered that Princes have been known to ignore diablerie so long as the target of the blood hunt meets their final death.

Calling a blood hunt is a dangerous gamble because it puts the normal rules of the city on hold. If the target is well liked or powerful the kindred of the city might refuse or even attack the one who called the blood hunt instead and Princes who call a hunt and are ignored seldom last long upon their thrones.

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