Brood Of Lilith

The Brood of Lilith

The Brood is a secretive nomadic religious group. Although they classify themselves as a covenant, they are not generally accepted as an 'official' covenant and more of a coterie with a high opinion of itself.

In the past the Lancea Sanctum have fought to exterminate the Brood of Lilith as heretics and heathens. The Brood of Lilith deny any comparisons to their teachings and those of the Circle of the Crone.

The Brood of Lilith keeps mostly to themselves and their worship of the lady. Their beliefs lie with the teachings of their namesake Lilith, who they believe was not only the first wife of Adam but also first vampire and therefore mother to all vampires.

Throughout their temporary stay in Middlesbrough the Brood worked alongside the court to gather the scattered parts of their goddess. They restored her and offered their assistance during the rising of the Jarl.

With the rise of the Jarl and his new rules on kindred either having to swear themselves loyal to one city or be banished, the Brood of Lilith chose the latter and have not been seen at the cities of the northeast since.

Notable followers of Lilith:

Tia : teacher and senior member of the Brood of Lilith.
Dr Eli Rebus
May : Died trying to save a trapped Tia.


  • The brood only used the courts for their own agenda.
  • They had discovered their own covenant discipline.
  • Lilith is just another Fey pretending to be a mythological person.

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