Cassandra Brighid
Player Rachel Winter
Character Cassandra Brighid
City Middlesbrough
Clan Daeva
Covenant Ordo Dracul
Age upon Embrace
Occupation/Position Scholar of the Curse
Hometown Middlesbrough
Status within the City Ordo Dracul Primogen
Coterie/Society The Ordo Academy


Little is known about Cassandra. She drops many hints of her knowledge, power and abilities into conversation but few can confirm the truth of her claims. She does not stand out as being either very old or very young, but the fact that she has a childe suggests that she has influence and is mature enough for the responsibility of the embrace. She is proud of both her covenant and clan. She is formally polite to all the cities officers but her intense distrust of the Baron is no secret.


Striking Looks 4.



Sired by Montgomery Perceval.


Adrian Tenebrook: Status: Dead.

Recent Events:




  • For years Cassandra and Doctor Hardy were the only Ordo in Middlesbrough who knows what secrets she keeps.
  • When Hardy was kidnapped she let the baron take over then father vane I think she has some sort of vested interest in letting the domain fall into chaos…
  • Cassandra let her childe have too much sway and he had caused much panic and problems in Middlesbrough.
  • Cassandra showed Karl Braun the reason behind the Daeva Clan's nickname the Succubi.
  • A seamstress once pricked Cassandra with a pin whilst fitting a custom-made, ridiculously expensive dress. The seamstress has not been seen since.
  • Cassandra may be the inspiration behind the character of 'Cassandra' in Doctor Who, played by Zoe Wanamaker.

Quotes from or about Cassandra:

"Is there anyone but me that thinks that volunteering as regent the only member of the primogen not here is a little odd? Perhaps we should ask him first."

" I'm Prince, and I say he sucks the cock! " In referance to a OOC conversation regarding Alberts sexuality.

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