Christian Lawrence

Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian Movement
With piercing eyes and a sharp suit this most civilised member of the movement is charming, soft spoken and polite. Every inch the modern businessman he owns and runs Lawrence Holdings his own company.

Ties of Belief

Things known to the Carthian Movement (and some Invictus)

Christian is a self made millionaire from before his embrace, his sire was an Invictus Bigwig from down south and she sank her teeth into him for his money and modern connections.
Christian left the south in a hurry, probably best not to ask why but rumour has it he finally told his sire he was becoming a Carthian and she wasn’t exactly impressed.

  • Theres a bloodhunt out for Christian down south.
  • Christian may act sweet and innocent but dont believe it for a moment he would sell you his own mother if the price was right.

Ties of Blood

Things known to the Daeva Clan

Christian is the Childe of Alder Yvette Montané Lady of Kensington and Grandchilder of Alder Frédérique de Vaillancourt Duke of Rouen, he was only embraced a decade ago and rumour has it his sire considers him a disgrace due to his Carthian attitudes. Despite his family problems Christian is a skilled diplomat and is rumored to be a gifted orator.

  • He's on the run from something
  • He is skilled in the Daeva Arts of manipulation
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