Player Matt
Character Creiyilh
City Newcastle
Clan Gangrel
Covenant Circle of the Crone
Age upon Embrace Unknown
Occupation/Position Ancient Celtic Spirit
Hometown Unknown
Status within the City Unknown


Crayilh said that he was around in Briton before "the romans came".



Wears a long coat and a crazy hat, and has also appeared as a 12 foot long jungle cat.

Recent Events:

Creiylh was possessing animal's to spy on members of the Darlington Elysium when his body was destroyed by Eliza Montague. In in body of the bat, Creiyilh sent Meri and Max Von Roht into frenzy whilst other kindred, along with Dr Marius, sqished him till he was no more after Otto had pinned him to the ceiling with a… "bone throwing dagger"




Crayilh was blood hunted the same night he perished.


  • Has some kind of obsession for cats.
  • His spirit has descended to the water mansion to taunt Ezekiel by repeatedly making his ghost frenzy any time a three headed monster twirls his staff like a baton.

Quotes from or about Creiyilh:

"BOING!…SPLAT!" The sound's Dr Marius made in Crayilh's last moments.

"OM NOM NOM NOM NOM" Lupin getting aquainted with Crayilh's carcass.

The only thing he ever wrote, he did so after he was dead… now that's bloody mindedness.

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