Cyrill Kasparov
Player Simon
Character Cyrill Kasparov
City Middlesbrough
Clan Gangrel
Covenant Carthian Movement
Age upon Embrace 28
Occupation/Position Accountant
Hometown Middlesbrough
Status within the City Popular Accountant (Rare)
Status Undecided


Cyrill (Or "Kyrill" as written on his Birth Certificate) was born in Middlesbrough to a pub landlady of a pub that has long since been demolished and rebuilt as student housing for what was then Teesside Polytechnic University. His father was a Russian businessman who spent a lot of time on the road, but in the short time Cyrill had with him he gained through him a love of chess, card games, mah jong and the Russian language.
Cyrill worked for Ernst & Young in Newcastle as a Corporate Tax Adviser where he acquired the respect of some of the firms most lucrative clientele.
Cyrill gradually became less of the recluse he had been in his younger years and slowly came out of his shell, to the amusement of his peers and colleagues. It was this that allowed him to follow in the wake of certain colleagues who took him to the secluded night club in Newcastle that would be the site of his embrace.
Cyrills memory of the night is unclear, which is why the identity of his sire is a mystery. But since his embrace he has left the accounting firm and set up on his own in Middlesbrough, working from home.
He now has a lucrative base of clients who chose to keep his services after he left, and he regularly sees them, as well as many other important people of Middlesbrough, at his home in Acklam. He boasts one personal assistant by the name of Mandy, and a pet rottweiler

Cyrill tends to be unorthodox and think 'outside of the box'. Despite being not so bright and favouring his physical skills over his mental, he is not afraid to learn. He is a member of the Carthian covenant, but tries to 'sit on the fence' in matters regarding beliefs and politics. His theory is that despite our belief systems, we can all learn from each other.


5'9" in height, slight to medium build and a shaved head. He is usually seen wearing glasses unless he is in combat. His dress sense is casual for the most part, usually jeans


His sire is a mystery but there are rumours.



Recent Events

Cyrill was introduced to the kindred in late 2008. His first gathering was at the elysium where Dr Hardy was taken. He was captured by vampire hunters at the beginning of 2009. It was during this capture that he was experimented on by a certain Dr Phipps, during which a bio-mechanical heart was placed in his chest. Since his rescue Cyrill has found that physically he is stronger and more dextrous than he was, and he has no need for blood. On the downside he is unable to use his gangrel claws, or shapeshift into wolf-form like he used to enjoy.
The bishop of Durham was quick to disown him as kindred upon learning of his fate, but has accepted him as not a threat thanks to the testimony of Mr Gadreel


  • The night watchman at Ernst & Young's premises at Newcastle has claimed someone fitting Cyrill's description has been seen stealing office supplies late at night on many occasions.
  • Cyrill's sire is rumoured to be many different people. Names mentioned have included Cassa Dar, Cassandra Brighid, Gabriella Ito, the Brood of Lillith and a very tall gentleman who frequents nightclubs in the North East dressed in womens clothing.
  • Cyrill has spoken extensively of Persephanie, a nightclub singer he met in March 09. She supposedly invited him to come hear her perform, which he has done numerous times.
  • Despite being from Middlesbrough, some people say Cyrill has links to the KGB in Russia. Others say his father was KGB.
  • It isn't clear how Cyrill lost his job at Ernst & Young. Some say he walked out of there with a fax machine in his hands saying "I quit", others say he was fired for getting involved with his boss's wife/daughter. Others say he broke his boss's jaw after a trivial argument.
  • Cyrill has some martial arts training. Someone asked if he had a black belt, he replied, "No, I would never wear a black belt with blue denim jeans."
  • Cyrill may have a sister called Beryl or Cheryl.
  • Cyrill has designs on becoming prince. His recent volunteer move to assume the position of Hound is the first step up the ladder.
  • "Some say that he's a big fan of Top Gear…… And that if he were prince; he'd probably make the ladies were as little clothing as possible…… All we know is, he's called Cyrill."


Due to recent events he thanks and favours the kindred who assisted in his rescue, names including Alexander Gideon, Ian Druss and Tia of the Brood of Lillith, to name but a few. He has openly shown favour to female kindred, names including two of the Brood of Lillith, Alex Knight, Lucy-Ann Tyler and Persephanie of parts unknown (the list is not exhaustive). Cyrill has also mentioned favour and thanks to Mr Gadreel, and Col. John Killian who is sadly not with us anymore.


The cult of Leopold and feral gangrel inhabiting Durham's sewers.
Cyrill has never declared any enemies among the kindred in the North East or elsewhere.

Quotes from or about Cyrill:

Cyrill: "Can't persuade him? Give me five minutes alone."

Cyrill: "I could have been a premiership footballer or an accountant. I chose to be an accountant because I didn't want to be a ponce."


Cyrill was slain during an attack against the feral gangrel of Durham. In doing so he proved that even recklessness with good intentions is still dangerous.

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