Player Rachel
Character Daisy
City Ally of Middlesbrough
Clan Gangrel
Covenant Circle of the Crone
Age upon Embrace No-one dares ask
Occupation/Position Farmer/Cult Member
Hometown United States
Status within the City Harpy




  • She is very knowledgeable, but also quick to lose her temper
  • I heard she beat up three other kindred single-handed for making fun of her cardigan
  • Someone said she ripped out the tongue of the Prince of Wolverhampton after he proposed marriage
  • She spends her spare time knitting and listening to Bach
  • She spends her spare time whittling and listening to Bluegrass
  • She spends her spare time fitting and listening to Bauhaus
  • I heard her secretly say that if Dr Rebus didn't annoy her so much, he'd make a good bed-fellow
  • Performs with a tribal band who busk in Middlesbrough High street.
  • Finds a certain unamed bald man unappealing, arrogant and weak willed.
  • She is very strong of body and fairly resistant to exploding.


  • "We don't need a battering ram. We have a Daisy." Jonny, planning raid on vigilantes.
  • * "I Promise I won't steal your Bra" … "Its OK I don't wear one" Tyler O'Harris and Daisy, planning their Fight
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