Damhan Allaidh, the "Spider God"

An ancient and ferociously powerful vampire bent on slaughter and conquest, Damhan-Allaidh was slain nearly 2000 years ago in a climatic battle with his own shape-shifting Bloodline and a cult of magi known as the Druid of the Sacred Oak. Originally he was able to command the Sluagh, the wild hunting spirits of the Highland Dead, and these were his most potent weapon in his blood-soaked campaign. A terrible ritual known as the Spear of Day was used to cripple the Sluagh, and leave the Spider God heavily weakened. Following the climax of the ritual, he was faced and destroyed by an individual who had been chosen as "anointed" by the Gruagachan elder Brude the Deathless. During the battle, Brude was turned to stone by Damhan-Allaidh, and his ageless form now remains as guardian over Cad Gadu, the site of the battle in the Scottish wilds.

Thanks to his knowledge of obscure Indian magics, the Spider God is once again stirring in the material realm. His twelve vampiric lieutentants are rallying to his side once more. These "warlocks" (oath-breakers) who serve him are Cichol the Footless, Gahran the Grey, Morc, The Golden Son, Amud-ad-Nafir, Cannaran & Lot, Ogrevan the Necromancer, Curvannion, Aladth the Curse-Maker, Ghan Varro and Septimus Melidictatum.

  • He is an Ancient Gangrel Bloodline known as the Gruagachan
  • The Gruagachan have increased their abbilities to take animal forms
  • Damhan-Allaidh is 'Immortal' thanks to a Phylactery, or 'Soul Stone', if his body is destroyed he reforms at the stone.
  • He was recently killed at Newcastle by The Seven Epitomes, who wereable to destroy his body very quickly.
  • It is belived that he stole the Throne of Newcastle
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