Dr Eli Rebus
Player Simon
Character Dr Eli Rebus
City He considers himself an ally to all the cities
Clan Gangrel
Covenant Brood of Lillith
Age upon Embrace 45
Occupation/Position Toxicologist, medic and Nomad
Hometown Originally Newcastle but lives the Nomad life
Status within the City Ally


5'9" tall, medium build, shaved head, glasses. Usually seen in boots, jeans and black tee-shirt. You can often see him with his feet up on the table looking relaxed and/or smug. Also don't be surprised to find him eating or drinking.



Eli Rebus was born in 1950 in Newcastle, third child to Dr James Rebus. He followed in his fathers footsteps to become a doctor, which he did until 1982 when he took an opportunity to join a travelling research team based in the USA that were on the look out for a medic. The research team were doing copious amounts of study in relation to toxicology, poisons and antidotes of both synthetic and natural origin.
With his travels all over the world, he learned a lot about poisons, quickly becoming one of the foremost pioneers in the field along with Dr Belinda Alfero. He also became adept at numerous languages with fluency in Arabic, French, Spanish and Japanese.
With the team travelling a lot by road, both Eli and Belinda chose to travel by bike to their destinations whilst the remainder of the team travelled by van or car. This allowed them to become known by some of the biker gangs in the US as 'The Doc' and 'The Hot Doc'. In exchange for free medical advice and discreet prescription notes, the biker gangs helped the team out with obtaining accomodation, leisurely nights in various bars and escorts to state lines.

Embrace (Part 1)

It was 1990 when 'Doc' and 'Hot Doc' met a local chapter called 'The Nightcrawlers' in the state of California. It was unbeknown to Belinda, who had that same year became Mrs Doctor Rebus, that a particular Gangrel biker had his eyes on her. She was embraced that night when Eli wasn't looking. Eli awoke the next day in a motel with his wife beside him as per usual not knowing that she had changed.
The work continued that day and for many days afterward with Belinda feigning sickness and grumpily telling the team to carry on without her. She worked at night, not allowing her very worried husband to use his medical skills and work out what was wrong with her. The relationship between the Doc and the Hot Doc became tense as she fought to keep her new persona hidden.
It came out one night near to Christmas of 1991 when Eli was phoning home. Belinda overheard Eli expressing his concerns about his wife to his parents, his brother and his sister about Belinda's habits. It was when he joked about her being more like a vampire than a woman that she lost her temper, stormed into the motel room and ripped the phone from the wall.
The fight that ensued was brief. Belinda lunged at Eli. His reaction was to grab her and pin her to the bed. Belinda had never been a weak woman, but Eli had always been much stronger. So when she twisted and threw him against the wall with the strength of what he estimated to be ten men, he was shocked. He got to his feet just as she was approaching him. He physically froze as she bared her claws and teeth, glaring at him and daring him to attack her.
At that moment there was a banging on the door. A research assistant called Jones had been sleeping in the next room, but had been awoken by the impact of Eli crashing into the wall. Something inside Belinda shook her free of her rage. Both of them looked at each other helplessly as the banging continued. It was Eli who came too first. He managed to answer the door as Belinda hid in the en-suite bathroom. He reassured Jones that he was okay and that there was nothing to worry about. When Jones finally went back to his room, Eli nervously approached Belinda. She broke down and told him the full story of what she had become, how she had been coping and what she needed to do. Eli swore he'd stick by her.

Embrace (Part 2)

For a few years they kept Belinda's secret. Eli and Belinda gradually convinced the others that travelling and working at night was the best way to manage, one reason being that there was less traffic on the roads at night. The Nightcrawlers were never far from them at any time. Eli and Belinda became stronger in their marriage, but Eli was becoming more and more troubled as time went on. Belinda never aged, and in fact seemed to get younger with every night. Eli was starting to feel the affects of middle age creeping up on him, which depressed him as he realised that he might lose her. Belinda herself considered ghouling her husband, but she wanted more than a servant. So on his 45th birthday in 1995 she took him aside and whispered, "Happy Birthday, honey" in his ear. Those were the last words he heard as a human, the first words he heard in his newly embraced persona were, "Welcome to my world, honey."
The Doc and Hot Doc were well received as part of the Nightcrawlers. They abandoned their work with the institution, much to the dismay of the staff. Despite this the institutions founders insisted that they be contacted as independent consultants and paid as such, to which the couple agreed. So that Eli and Belinda had some help on their travels, they ghouled two of the company's researchers. Jones was the first, and the second was a lady known as Renee. Both were chosen for their skills as researchers and knack for tracking elusive animals and plants that had relevance to their research.

Brood of Lillith

On a trip to England in 1997, Eli and Belinda met the Brood of Lillith. The brood were of great interest to Belinda, who took the time to study and learn about their ways. Eli studied with them also out of courtesy at first, but slowly grew more and more interested. The teacher (as he called her) was Tia. She and her student May spent two years teaching the two doctors all about the Brood and their quest, going so far as to make them full initiates. Eli and Belinda left with promises to return.

Society of Leopold

In 2000 they met with some of the Nightcrawlers back in the USA. It was this night when Eli first met the Society of Leopold. Leaving any retainers and followers behind, the eight strong group of bikers went with Eli and Belinda into the Nevada desert for a night of social interaction, feeding and merriment. They took the opportunity to teach anything they could from the Brood and explain their newfound skills of Rapture. Just as Eli's watch announced midnight, a ten-strong team of armed men attacked the encampment with guns blazing. Some of attackers were slaughtered, as were two of the biker gang. But as the heavy four by four vehicles sped off, Eli realised his wife was nowhere to be seen. On the ground lay a dragon pendant that Belinda had always been seen wearing, its silver chain cut. Angrily he hopped on his bike and sped off after the fading tail lights, but to no avail. When he finally turned round and headed back to camp the bikers had stripped the dead soldiers of anything useful or valuable. With some effort Eli found out that they were from the Society of Leopold.
Eli tried over and over to contact his wife using the skills of Rapture he'd learned from Tia, but he never got any answer. From that day onward, Eli and his two ghouled assistants presumed Belinda dead, and have since tracked the society of Leopold. Belinda's dragon pendant hangs at his chest. They failed to make any real headway with the society, only managing to kill off a comparatively small number of their foot soldiers and never really penetrating their ranks.


Early 2009, he was awoken from slumber by a female voice. He awoke, hoping for a second that it was Belinda. He realised that Tia was using her Rapture skills to contact him, telling him of May's death and her cursed imprisonment in the castle outside of Stockton-on-Tees. Sensing his teachers urgency he made the long journey from Massachusettes to New York and then New York to Heathrow airport. Back in England he brought a Triumph Rocket 3 second hand from a seller in London and a Land Rover for his two assistants, before heading north.
Tia he sensed was glad for his arrival. With the other members of the Brood occupied in other parts of the country he met with Pastor Gabriel, who wasted no time in getting Eli to the elysium.


A traveller and nomad by nature. He feels that the open road offers freedom and that being restricted to one area can limit oneself.
He tries to remain neutral in all arguments, often watching with amusement as two kindred bicker under the effects of what he refers to as 'Cabin Fever'. He still likes to be referred to as a doctor, as he feels a title that's well earned should be acknowledged and respected.

Essential Dr Rebus Toolkit:

  • Triumph Rocket 3 motorbike
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Fully equipped medical bag with caduceus symbol painted on it
  • Mobile phone
  • Handy-sized zip pouch containing various chemicals for mixing poisons/antidotes




  • He may not actually be a doctor
  • The prince of a court in Leicester wants Eli's head for selling paracetamol to some of his court (including the prince) as a new class A narcotic brought in from Holland
  • The pendant hanging from his neck is designed to bring good luck, ward off unwanted spirits and open beer bottles
  • Eli apparently ripped off a person's hand for touching his pendant without permission
  • He uses memories of his wife and the lessons of his teacher to maintain control of the beast
  • Uses other peoples money to pay prostitutes to shave his head
  • I think he has a fetish for women in power. He married his boss, he adores his teacher, he was involved with Clarisse when she was Prince of Middlesbrough, and despite the horrific past between their covenants he seems to get on well with Cassa Dar…
  • Has successfully ghouled his motorcycle by feeding it a mixture of blood and petrol.
  • Spends a fortune dry cleaning his trousers to remove creosote and wood splinters.
  • Some say he doesn't think before he speaks, others say he thinks too much.
  • Someone said he thinks Daisy is foxy, but a bit too erratic.
  • Was banned for practicing medicine permanently after a losing a malpractice case, leaked transcripts reveal that rebus is said to have refused to use a scalpel as it was "puny" and he could "do a better job of operating on the patient with my bare hands".
  • Started a fight with the shadow creatures hoping Ezekiel would die and he could take praxis of Middlesbrough with everyone in his coterie.


The Brood of Lillith
His assistants Jones and Renee
Anyone he hasn't killed, injured or eaten within five minutes of meeting them


The Society of Leopold.
Anyone he actually has killed, injured or eaten within five minutes of meeting them.

Quotes from or about Dr Rebus:

"Dr Rebus, I won't shake your hand, my claws are drawn." - Dr Rebus introducing himself to various members of the Durham court.

"Are you really a lady or is that just a made up title?" - Dr Rebus to Lady Flora

"Well if I'm gonna die, I might as well die happy." - Dr Rebus, hugging the beautiful Tarja right before battle

"Wow! I'm finding myself agreeing with Rebus more and more. Either he's finally grown a set of balls or it is truly a sign that the end of the world is upon us." - Johnny discussing Rebus//

"Yes, I Creiyilhed him." Elder Eli's responce to Father Malak regaarding a question about Neti's sudden frenzy.

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