Dr Hans Ferritz
Player Nicholas 'DDR Nick' Scott
Character Dr Hanz Ferritz
City Middlesbrough
Clan Ventrue
Covenant Circle of the Crone
Age upon Embrace 31
Occupation/Position Chemical Factory Administrator/Supervisor.
Hometown Currently Middlesbrough. Originally from Winterthur, Switzerland.
Status within the City Keeper of the Elysium, Crone Primogen


The best known details of Hans background is one familiar with the branch of kindred based in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. A tight circle of Industry Leaders that pride themselves on using the human race for their self serving purpose of resource acquisition and money grabbing pride, Hans, who once worked in Switzerland, has moved to the Middlesbrough area by order of his Sire and Boss to continue his work to expand his industrial exploits. His background prior to joining the circle, his work or his embrace is only known to himself, his sire and a few others. This is unimportant, however, as the future of the industry, the circle and kindred prosperity is more important.



Only his work colleagues see him in his work cloths as usually, he works on the factory floor, vigorously inspecting the lines, or in the labs, testing out a new batch of chemicals.

In the office, he wears smart yet casual cloths and uses this attire in regular life also because of the reputation his sire wants him to portray.

In kindred court, he has recently splashed out on snazzy formal wear which shows off his flair and dedication to the Circle of the Crone. He carries a blackened ceremonial long sword which was recently a present from his sire given his dedication to his work. He also carrys a blank book with a picture of a fae, possibly Inyanna, on the front, but wait, why is it blank? He also has a pen in his pocket that takes a form of a snake.


As his sire is always in competition with his peers, he always selects those with a very good potential at expanding his business prospects and therefore Hans is very knowledgeable and dedicated to his profession. As for being part of the Circle of Crone, it comes from his mortal family along with his sire also being part of the circle.



Recent Events:

Currently settled into rented house in Hartlepool. Owns a company car.
Dr Hans became the keeper of the elysium for Middlesbrough, by delegation of the Baron.
Dr Hans has occasionally been the Primogen for the Circle of the Crone in Middlesbrough.
In Durham, entered the Fae realm with Gideon to pledge his allegiance to Inyanna, in order to get the fae on the kindred's side. In return of getting Inyanna's aid, Dr Hans became Champion of Inyanna and then dedicated himself to love and worship Inyanna.


  • Inyanna - Lover and Master, Worships Inyanna as her champion and strives to bring her prosperity.
  • Gideon - Brother in arms and fellow crone member.
  • Dr Marius - Hierophant of the Crone, so will serve him for the prosperity of the covenent.
  • Queen Mab - Respect's Mab's assistance and wants to aid Mab to rebuilding her power.
  • Yeron - Fellow member of the Crone
  • Daisy - Fellow member of the Crone
  • Luther Ulyanov - Fellow Member of the Crone
  • Dr Eli Rebus - Dr Hans is aiding Dr Rebus with the revival of Lilith.
  • Konrad Veed - Fellow Worshipper of Inyanna
  • Ezekiel Abbedonn - Allies in the fighting of the Jarl.



  • Currently getting stick from work colleagues regarding the security of their jobs, thanks to the recession. Good thing this is clearing up.
  • Pressure from all business fronts means he’s usually not at home and attends work most of the time, having very little time for fun or other unimportant tasks.
  • Since coming to the court, Hans has been taking up combat skills due to the vast amount of attacks on kindred. He currently wants to learn more.
  • Hans dedication to work is disturbing, work is always completed quickly, even weeks before the deadline and worry’s that if work doesn’t kill him, something else will.
  • Hans is short for Hansel. He changed his name because he hated the idea of being associated with Gingerbread, witches or anyone with the name 'Gretel'.
  • The book is blank as its not used to write things in, its used to bash those on the head of the people that say silly things. If it ever get's written in, Creiyilh will surely be the first to know.
  • Changed his name from Dr Hanz Thunder. All his wealth comes from the soft drink industry.

Quotes from or about Dr Hanz:

  • "It's not a Snake pen, it's a Snake STAKE!"
  • "He's looking quite frilly today"
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