Dr Marius

Title: Seneschal of Newcastle
Clan: Daeva
Covenant Circle of the Crone


  • Dr Marius worships Kali. This is in no way releated to the Club Ilak which is the Doctor's local Bar.
  • I hear when he goes into battle his mouth turns into this huge gaping maw of razor teeth!
  • Did you know Dr Marius has a cult of mortal worshippers? Its true I tell you!
  • He put on the well spoken southern voice because nobody believed he was a doctor when they heard him speak in his true accent. He's actually from Liverpool.
  • Was once known as the Heirophant of the Crone and it's a title that seem's to have stuck, regardless if the Doctor want's to get rid of it or not.
  • What is it with Doctor's of the Crone always being Seneshal's but never a Prince?
  • Owns a boat that is docked at Newcastle and spend's his weekend ferrying his friends. One of the port worker's say's that the ship is frequently haunted by a giant octopus, but we think he just watches too many children's cartoon programme's.


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