Edith Fitzroy
Player NPC’d by Lydia
Character Edith Fitzroy
City Darlington
Clan Gangrel
Covenant Carthian
Age upon Embrace ??
Occupation/Position Witch
Hometown ???
Status within the City Prince



Edith was famously known to be a witch, enchanting folk to do her bidding and threatening those who do not with lost hope. She was first seen entering the court of Middlesbrough and stole the soul of The Baron from Rolande by forcing it into a small bag. Next she bargained with the members of Middlesbrough, who where currently planning on destroying Edith, to join her in praxis against the current prince, Clarice. After the death of Clarice, Edith became prince and put the court under her control.

Recent events:

Edith was destroyed by AAA after she failed to carry out the pact she had with the devil.






• She’s not a Carthian, she’s just using them like she tried to use everyone else…
• She is a follower of Ereshkigal, she sucked out the barons soul and imprisoned it!
• Edith did a deal with the Broker to take Praxis; the life of Prince Clarisse was probably part of the price.
• She orchestrated the murder of Zachariah Thaddeus Bane

Quotes from or about Edith:

• "She is an Imbecile and a fool and is going to be Middlesbrough's downfall unless something is done about her" – Konrad Veed speaking about his former Prince.
• "You're a nomad, what a coincidence. I am too, I have 5 different houses." - Edith Fitzroy attempting to curry favour with famed nomad Dr Eli Rebus

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