Eleanor Mock

Title: Vizier to the Prince of Newcastle
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo Dracul



Very little is known about Eleanor Mock. She is fiercely protective of her personal history, only allowing other Kindred to hear snippets of it when required.

She was born in the 1600s and lived in Newcastle her entire human life. It is known that prior to the embrace, she was accused of witchcraft and was sentenced to death during the Newcastle Witch Trials in 1649. She was saved from this fate by her sire. She continued to reside in and around Newcastle after the embrace, only leaving the city to accompany her sire on his travels. She has traveled throughout Europe and has spent a great deal of time in Italy.

For some undisclosed reason, Eleanor went into torpor in 1837 and remained there until 2010. Since her awakening, she has quickly adapted to the new world of the 21st century, and is working hard at being a productive member of the Newcastle Court. She has demonstrated significant skill in the Mekhet disciplines of Obfuscate and Auspex, and has extensive knowledge of the occult and herbalism.

Recent News

  • Following the death of Johan Von Straud, Eleanor has taken on the role of Primogen of the Ordo Dracul for the North East.
  • In order to secure the release of valuable information regarding a cure for Luther's Disease, Eleanor made a oath on behalf of all the North East Kindred to the mages of the Lupus Klein Coven. The oath was to make and maintain peace between Kindred and Mages.
  • Eleanor is currently looking after an unusual plant which can temporarily cure Luther's plague.
  • After a (very) brief stint as Prince of Newcastle, Eleanor handed control of the city back to Prince Mark Winter and has taken one the role of "Vizier to the Prince," serving as Prince Mark's most trusted advisor.
  • With the blessing of Prince Integra of Darlington, Eleanor agree to perform one night of service to a demon known as the "Trickster". In return, the city was given three months of peace from the demon's mischief, which should be enough time to figure out how to get rid of him permanently. Eleanor's night of service has been and gone, and she has no memory of what transpired that evening.
  • After attempting to banish the Trickster demon through a ritual, Eleanor caused a minor earthquake in the city of Darlington. It is unknown if the ritual worked, but Eleanor discovered herself to be pregnant.
  • During an attempt to destroy the demonic child in Eleanor's womb, Eleanor was badly injured and entered torpor. She woke up 24 hours later, fully healed and five months along in her pregnancy.
  • During Newcastle's October court, Eleanor's husband Andrew Mock entered the court as a vampire and going by the name of "Richard Mockson". He has little memory of his past.
  • Eleanor gave birth to the Trickster demon at Darlington's October court. In an unexpected twist of fate, Eleanor received the Trickster's powers. Unable to find a a way to get rid of the demon and the powers, Eleanor decided to kill herself in order to protect the region.


  • Anyone who visits her haven will find uneaten buckets of KFC in the kitchen area and dead chickens in a freezer.
  • Eleanor was once married. Her husband was a guardsman named Andrew Mock. It was he who betrayed her and had her arrested for witchcraft.
  • It is said that Eleanor is the true power behind the throne of Newcastle.
  • Eleanor is suspected of being the ritualist who unintentionally released the demon Baphomet, something she is trying her hardest to cover up.
  • Eleanor is losing her mind, and there are whispers that this is down to her necromantic practices.


  • "Is being splattered with blood and brain matter is a regular occurrence in court these days?"
  • "It never ends!" - on being splattered with blood for the millionth time whilst attending court.
  • "Oh dear …"
  • "I guess it's Eleanor to the rescue again, huh?"
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