Eliza Montague
Player Emma Watts
Character Eliza Montague
City Durham
Clan Daeva
Covenant Circle of the Crone
Age upon Embrace 21
Occupation/Position Demon Hunter, Sheriff of Durham
Hometown Winchester
Status within the City Level 1
Humanity 4

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Nothing is really known about Eliza, as she hasn't mentioned much to fellow Kindred. What is currently known is that she is a Daeva of some considerable age (well, given the place is swarming with neonates it's all relative to her) and has the job of professional demon hunter. No real word on how she came to be a hunter, or of her allegiances to any covenant, as she appears to be unaligned. She does apparently have close friends within the Circle of the Crone, however.


Eliza wears unexpectedly casual and modern attire for an elder vampire, is about 5ft 5, and of medium build. Not much to tell, shocking really, for a Succubi.


Nothing is known of Eliza's sire, and she hasn't decided to tell anyone, either.


It is not known if Eliza has any progeny.

Recent Events

  • Eliza was recently appointed Sheriff of Durham by Johan Von Straud.


  • She really hates werewolves. Like…murderous rage and fury. Don't get her in a room with one.
  • She has no time for political or theological matters, rumour has it she was caught up in civil war as a mortal and never recovered from it.
  • I heard when she meets single young men she flips a 10p piece. Heads; she feasts on his blood and then kills him. Tails; she sleeps with him, then feeds from him and then flips the coin again hoping to get heads.


  • Alexander Gideon - Eliza appears to have a great deal of respect for the Mehket Occult Scholar and self-styled demon fighter.
  • Creiyilh - Eliza appears to be in the old Crone's company a lot of the time.


Eliza hasn't been around much to overtly gain any enemies.

Fallen or Missing Allies and Enemies

Quotes from or about Eliza

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