Elizabeth Turner
Player Louise
Character Elizabeth Turner
City Newcastle
Clan Daeva
Covenant Invictus
Age upon Embrace Early 20s
Occupation/Position Elysium Hostess
Hometown London


Small, dainty, dark haired Elizabeth is completely harmless looking to anyone. With her pale blue eyes and young face she doesn't stand out as being beautiful but there's something about her that people find attractive. Having been embraced in her early 20s she still bears a youthful and very agile body that she keeps well presented at all times. One would think that even if you caught Elizabeth at the end of a long torpor on a stone bed, she would still have beautifully kept nails and brushed hair (and indeed one would be right because Benjamin would ensure his master's presentation at all times)

Elizabeth's sire was Sir Edward George Bennett (Daeva Invictus), a gentleman from the city of Newcastle who moved to London shortly after Prince Wodenson retired his throne. He spoke fondly of the Prince to Elizabeth who in turn garnered a deep respect and loyalty to him, even traveling with her sire to visit him and the court held by Brother Vincent. When news of Brother Vincent's betrayal hit London and the borders of the city were closed off, Sir Bennett predicted Vincent's paranoia and warned Elizabeth to stay well away. They were both fiercely loyal to Wodenson leading some to believe that Elizabeth and Wodenson had perhaps shared an intimate relationship although these claims were neither proven nor refuted by either party. Unfortunately Sir Bennett never got to see the borders of Newcastle reopen or his dear friend awaken, for in 1888 he was caught in a tragic fire that saw the death of him along with a few of his close associates.

By the time the city borders reopened in 1915, Elizabeth was taking an active role in the London Womens' Institute helping with the suffragette movement to secure votes for women. In 1918 she was married to a Ventrue by the name of William James Turner, a rather well off, well known man who took pleasure in showcasing his trophy wife on his wedding day. Unfortunately for him the wedding barely lasted a decade before Elizabeth and her manservant escaped in the night with most of the contents of his family vault.

The pair fled to Newcastle, a quiet city at the time where they thought they'd be safe from persecution. Not having much interest in the money gained from her exploit, Elizabeth entrusted Benjamin with the money and hid the valuable jewellery, art work and artifacts in a safety deposit box away from her haven. When W.J. Turner arrived on her doorstep with backup in 1932, Elizabeth greeted him warmly before being beaten into torpor. It was only for lack of permission from a prince that she was left with her life.

Awakening in 2009, Elizabeth has struggled to come to terms with much of modern technology. With the help of her ghouls and some of her friends she is learning at a reasonable rate and has even picked up the state language of Newcastle using a computer and an ipod set up by her ghouls.


  • Elizabeth and Gideon are said to be very close, spending much of their time together. Gideon is very protective of Elizabeth.
  • If Elizabeth gets bored things start to go missing
  • Elizabeth is a huge fan of cats and it is her master plan to live out her unlife in a rocking chair knitting surrounded by her furry friends
  • I hear she's never short of admirers, and once killed one with a hatpin for disturbing her during a performance of Madame Butterfly.
  • Apparently she keeps a P32 handgun in her handbag.


Alexander Gideon - The strange opposites seem to have attracted one another
Brother Ezekial - The priest helped Elizabeth with a spiritual problem and Elizabeth has been thankful ever since
Tarja Vygotsky - Elizabeth sees the wild rock star as a fashion advisor, friend and an essential aid in adapting to the 21st century.
Marianne - The Russian speaking, powerful business woman is an inspiration and a symbol of what Elizabeth was hoping to achieve in the 1920s.


"Oh dear.."

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