The Event's of Enlil in Middlesbrough Court

During a ritual, performed by Dr Hans Ferritz and Ezekiel Abbedonn, they revealed an vision showing a meeting that was performed a long time ago, showing an argument between Inyanna and Ereshkigal with present. They where arguing about the release of the Jarl and Enlil was assisting in making a compromise. In the end, a contract was written up by a fourth being, who is currently known as the scribe, but his name and location are not known.

Enlil is said to be the father of both Inyanna and Ereshkigal and is most likely a fae himself.

Enlil in History

Enlil is, or believes himself to be, an ancient Sumerian god that went by the name of Enlil. There is alot of information about the god in literature, however, the majority of this information can be summed up by reading the wiki article on Enlil.

Follower's of Enlil

As it is unknown of Enlil's offensive intension's (if he actually has one), it is also unknown if Enlil has any follower's. Currently, no kindred, group or individual is known to be a Follower of Enlil.

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