The beliefs of Ereshkigal:

Ereshkigals followers celebrate aspects of death. They have been known to offer sacrifices and raise Zombi. Her followers are a secretive lot, but are said to work around Albert Park in Middlesbrough.

Who is Ereshkigal?

Ereshkigal has not shown herself to court. It is rumored she is the sister of Inanna.
She is said to be a Fey. Whether the myths of Ereshkigal are based on her or she based herself on the myths is unknown.

Notable events:

• During battle with the followers of Inanna, they summoned an army of Zombi’s and nearly caused a masquerade breach.
• They were gathering and storing many zombi in a mortuary, but the kindred of the middlesbrough court eliminated it and all undead within.
Daisy was told the location of the corpses being used by the followers of Erishkigal via a vision from her Deity.

Notable followers of Ereshkigal:

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