Ezekiel Abbedonn
Player Matthew 'Borris' Watson
Character Ezekiel Abbedonn
City Middlesbrough
Clan Mekhet
Covenant Lancea Sanctum
Age upon Embrace 28
Occupation/Position Cistercian Monk/Lancea Priest
Hometown Helmsley
Status Dead


Born in 1510 in the village of Helmsley, Ezekiel was sent to Rievaulx Abbey at a young age to learn the teaching of the Cistercian way of life. An eager learner and apt student, he quickly learned the letter of St. Benedict's Rule and was a devout believer. As he grew older, he began to notice how the residents of the Abbey took on a more… comfortable lifestyle. It was permitted to eat meat, monks had more private living accommodations, and the Abbot even lived in a highly substantial private household. This confused Ezekiel, for surely to submit oneself to a life of devotion to God required one to follow the strict codes of practice to the letter, never shy away from one's own duties, and especially, never be lacking in one's service to Him.

Finally after years of witnessing these affronts to the Lord, in the year 1538, Ezekiel's anger had reached boiling point. He believed himself to be more devout and holier than his brethren, not realizing that his pride would be his downfall. During the afternoon meal, he clambered atop of the table at the end of the feasting hall, Ezekiel produced the letter of Saint Benedict and let forth with a sermon of righteous fury, condemning his fellow Monks for their sloth and losing their way. He was met with scorn and mockery, and incurred the fury of the Abbot. However, before the Abbot could pass judgement, a servant interrupted with urgent news. Representatives of the King stood before the gates with roughly a hundred soldiers. They announced that the Monastery was to be dissolved and that all their lands and belongings confiscated for the King. As the carnage ensued, Ezekiel fled to hide in the woods.

He returned after three days to find the monastery in ruins. After wandering aimlessly through his former home, he began to question himself and everything he'd been taught. It was in his darkest hour that he was approached by nine hooded figures. The central figure stepped forward and introduced himself as Carserus, and explained to Ezekiel that he had been spared the wrath of the King's men through God's divine will because he still had a purpose in God's great plan, and that it was his pride that had, at the same time, resulted in his fall from grace. They then presented Ezekiel with the option to either join the Lancea Sanctum or die. He realized if he allowed them to kill him it would be tantamount to suicide, so he would be damned either way. However, given that he would still be doing his part in Gods great scheme, he accepted. Just because he would be condemned to damnation did not excuse him from carrying out the Lord's work.

After surviving the purification of the Creation Ritual and making vows to the Covenant, Ezekiel became an adept student of the Testament of Longinus over the decades that followed. He was as devout a follower of the word of Longinus in un-death as he had been of St. Benedict in life. He partook in Midnight Mass every week, where he would quote readings from the Testament with fierce devotion, and became a pious defender of the faith, spreading His word wherever he went and winning new converts and disciples, and ruthlessly murdering those who refused His word without question, pity or remorse. Carserus and his clan taught him much of the ways of the Sanctified, including Theban sorcery, which he gained a firm grasp of, given the boundlessness of his faith. They also taught him to master the common English tongue, since it would come in much use in a world where it seemed Latin was dying out.

After two hundred years of servitude, Ezekiel bid his clan farewell to embark on an exodus to the Grand Monastery in Germany, promising to return before the decade was out. During the many months it took for him to walk the length of the land, he had continued to spread the word of the Testament and had managed to win over more Kindred, so that by the time they had finally arrived to cross the channel, he had amassed a small army of zealots and believers, and cast down many heretics by both sword and flame. After months of travel they arrived at their destination, a magnificent monolith of shimmering obsidian marble and tainted glass that seemed to pulse with holy power. It was here that an Archbishop recognized Ezekiel's talents and after midnight mass appointed him to the Priesthood and took him to a private chamber afterwards, filled with ancient weapons, tomes and relics of the Lancea Sanctum. It was here that he found the staff that has more or less become a part of him, the first touch of it filling him with holy power, resulting in his glowing eyes.

Upon returning home, he found that in his absence his Clan, like his brethren at Rievaulx more than a lifetime ago, had become slothful and decadent, holy relics had been stripped away and replaced with lavish fixtures, and whores prostrated themselves around the clan he no longer recognised. They explained the old ways were becoming less relevant and they'd grown tired of fearing ancient prophecies and old ghosts, and that they deserved the finer things in life, seeing as how they were superior to Humanity. This caused Ezekiel to fly into a furious rage, and used the very sorcery they had taught him to purge them from the world, but exhausting himself into torpor as a result.

He awoke two and a half centuries later to find himself in an attic in an abandoned building somewhere in Middlesbrough, with no idea how he had somehow managed to travel from the Yorkshire Moors given his state of non-activity. The attic became his current Haven, and he spent the next twenty years acquiring books, newspapers, magazines and any literature he could get his hands on in order to learn the ways of this strange new world, its culture, faith, science, technology, philosophies, and the history that he had slept through. He even managed to get his hands on a PC and a television at some point.


Ezekiel is average height with a thin and almost fragile appearance. Eyes constantly glow blue, his irises cannot be seen. Has a softly spoken, calm, almost soothing voice. Clad constantly in robes and vestments, and always has his staff at his side.


Carserus. Mekhet. Killed by Ezekiel's own hand.



Recent Events:

Was until recently Prince of Middlesbrough


Ezekiel has become something of a diplomat in this modern age, given the monumental threat of the Jarl, as well as the other countless threats that face the region. He works to build as many bridges with as many of the Kindred as he can, putting aside his religious differences for what he calls "the greater good of us all". At the same time though, he does hold the majority in reserve and under suspicion.


See above.


  • Ezekiel is a Sanctifed Inquisitor.
  • I hear hes a thousand years old!
  • Hes a sadistic Torturer.
  • Knows everything there is to know about Lancea rituals and the mating habits of the chaffinch
  • He keeps a number of sedate doves up his sleeve while in court. He can be heard faintly cooing to them when he thinks no one is listening
  • He's a massive Monty Python fan
  • "Speak Softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."— Theodore Roosevelt. Words Ezekiel took very much to heart.
  • His spirit was never bound to his body, it is in his staff which lies in the water mansion being spun about like a cheer leader’s baton by a three headed monster.

Quotes from or about Ezekiel:

"There is no such thing as innocence… only degrees of guilt."

"In the absence of certainty, caution is the wise man's valour."

"A suspicious mind is a healthy mind."


Ezekiel was slain by shadow creatures in the hidden mansion beneath Lockbeck Reservoir, protecting the Kindred of the region while they escaped through a doorway opened by Lilith.

Theme song

Dead Can Dance - Wilderness
Dead can Dance - The End of Words.

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