Ezekiel Vertiline

Ezekiel "Zeke" Vertiline

Scribe of the Dedicated Curse

Member of the Ordo Academy of Edinburgh

Student to Morgana Swift, Traveled Adept of the Wild Curse

Player Miley
Character Ezekiel "Zeke" Vertiline
City Middlesbrough
Clan Mekhet
Covenant Ordo Dracul
Age upon Embrace 32
Occupation/Position Scholar/Information Gatherar
Hometown Middlesbrough
Status within the City N/A


Born: 1839, Embraced: 1871
Age: 170, Vampire Age: 138

Life as a Mortal

Ezekiel has always been interested in Knowledge, from a young age he was always reading and discovering new things. As he grew, his thirst for Knowledge grew as well. He did well in his academic studies and became a Scholar, Constantly learning. He spent a lot of time in his local Library pouring through books well into the night to a point that the staff would have to kick him out.
He was happy in his books, doing research for the local Academic institute. But when his father, a Service man, was killed in action, Ezekiel barely battered an eye lid; he kept his research going and kept reading. The same was true when his mother passed away shortly after, he barely noticed. His three brothers had long ago decided to ignore their ‘different’ brother and got on with their own lives and starting their own families.

The Embrace

One Evening while Ezekiel, now 32, was in the Library after Hours, the staff had given up trying to remove him every night, a shadow came up behind him, to which he was oblivious, and bit him on the neck.
When Ezekiel awoke he felt different, and immediately was intrigued as to what had happened to him, he felt better, faster, stronger. He looked around the room and saw the shadow of a person sitting on his chair reading through his notes, Ezekiel was at him in seconds, what he was doing to his notes; he mustn’t alter them or deface them in any way!
The Shadow explained to Ezekiel what he now was, and how he was in a clan called Mekhet, explain what this clan did in ways of ‘Special powers’, the one he was most interested in was Auspex, the ability to see what is truly there, discover if people are lying to you … Sure Obfuscate sounded brilliant as well, to be there and not be seen. Imagine the Information he could find out then, but no, he must finish his research, then he can explore his vamperic abilities.

Life as a Vampire

Ezekiel spent all his nights in the Library doing his research, occasionally his sire would turn up and ask for information, to which he would look up and give it to her, to which she would thank and leave him to his own devices. This went on for a few decades, and Ezekiel had finally finished his research, but to his dismay the world had changed, the school to which he was doing his research for was long gone, a King was now in power and the world had advanced greatly, he found he could not adapt as well as he hoped and decided to leave the mortal world and stay where he felt safe, in his books.
His sire turned up one night to find Ezekiel not pouring over books as he normally was, but sitting in a corner with a look of utter concentration on his face, she discovered that he was trying to use these abilities she had told him about, but he could not find any book which he could find guidance, the largest Library in England, in England’s capitol its self and there was nothing, his books had failed him for the first time. His sire sat down with him and slowly started teaching him the ways of Auspex.
This went on for a few more decades, his sire turning up each night, occasionally asking him to find out information for her and then teaching him, until one day she did not return, Ezekiel did not know what to do, he no longer felt safe in London and so he packed up his things, all of his notes and a few books and boarded the train up North.
He decided to rest in Middlesbrough, it was 1970 and a lot of the trouble that was plaguing the city was over and Ezekiel was able to slip in unnoticed, he headed straight to the public library and Gould the Head Liberian to use as his guardian and help secure him a place in the Library, and Old Archive room in the underbelly of Library was emptied and reinforced, a Strong sturdy Door attached and all of Ezekiel’s belongings moved in, he set up his haven and started Research again, this time looking for anything to do with the Kindred World, Ordering Books through his Retainer. For the little money he required his retainer worked the books and got him on the payroll as a Night Shift Liberian, it didn’t pay much but it sufficed
Ezekiel discovered Computers as well and the marvels of the Internet, he saw the Potential in such machines and made sure that he familiarized himself with them, focusing on retrieving information from them, and marveling at the amount of information one could find if you knew where to look.
As for his feeding, a small group of Students at the University frequently visited the Library, and Ezekiel was able to turn them into his herd, and through them managed to gain an ally at the university, Ezekiel felt safe and still continued his research into Auspex, practicing what his Sire had taught him.
Eventually Ezekiel decided he had to surface, to venture into the world, his research was drying up, there just wasn’t any solid information about Kindred’s in books, he would have to learn them first hand, as much as that scared him, he would have to announce himself finally to the Prince of Middlesbrough, whoever that may be.


Ezekiel had turned up to Darlington's Court Possessed by the Julia's Bureau, Possession being against one of the Ordo Dracul's main Tenants, not only that because of this Possessed Zeke's Actions 2 Kindred were staked and a lot more Injured by a Bomb that Possessed Zeke had brought in to the Elysium.
Because of this The Ordo Dracul, led by Johan Von Straud, whom coincidently, Zeke and Johan had had many arguments, mainly focusing around Johan's Apparent new Coil, Murdered Zeke without Trial, or explaining to Zeke why they were killing him, instead they all cowardly hid behind a trick in which they led Zeke to his Death.


Attempts to dress smartly, in a suite that looks a bit dated, Carries a notebook and laptop around with him, Wears a Fedora which has caused him to get the Nickname 'Indy'





Recent Events:


  • He considers himself an Ally to all, always willing to help anybody, and therefore believes everyone else to be an ally of some form.


  • None, Ezekiel is far to much of a Coward to consider anyone an Enemy


  • I heard he was Harrison Fords stunt double in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • A little bird tells me that there is another hat under the first

Quotes from or about Ezekiel:

  • "Yes I've been staked once, by Luther, wasn't my most pleasant moment." Ezekiel Vertiline to Ezekiel Vertiline regarding Luther & Staking
  • "I know I was possessed and possession normally means death within the Ordo, but Master Malleus said I should give myself cuts and not heal them, look."
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