Father Malak

Title: Inquisitor
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

Malak was a haunt, who wore his bloodlines curse like a hair shirt. Even on the few times he indulged in the blush of life he looked like he was terminally ill and without it he appeared to be a rotting corpse lacking even the semblance of life.
Malak claimed that he was once a mortal priest who was sent to a small Yorkshire parish because his extremely conservative values were not popular with his peers.
When years later the plague visited the small town and wiped out almost all the population Malak was embraced by the leader of a small band of nomadic sanctified pilgrims who came upon the village while wandering the pilgrim trail and impressed with the pious spirit of the dying priest chose to bring him into the damned.
Malak became the Inquisitor of Middlesbrough, he was the right hand of Prince Ezekial and served him until his untimely death. He died fighting Desoulis a Sanctified Heretic, after the traitorous former sanctified set him on fire Malak embraced his former brother and burned to death while slaying his foe.

Ties of Belief

Common knowlege among the Lancea Sanctum.

Father Malak was embraced into the service of god by Blind William in a plague ravaged village on the pilgim trail towards Durham around 1650, he arose from death and took up the name of the angel of death becoming Malak and deaths angel he has been ever since.
An abstemious man in life Malak became a strict adherent of the testament, he is a conserative traditionalist and an adherent of the Monachal Creed - or as he would put it the 'true path'.
He served as a paladin for many years before settling down to become a lay priest and eventually was awarded the position of Inquisitor for his ceaseless dedication to rooting out and destroying any trace of corruption within the covenant.

  • Father Malak kept the tradition of the confessional and he swore to go to final death rather than break that vow.
  • In his service as a Paladin Malak fought to bring the word of the sanctified unto even the most heathen courts of Britain.
  • Father Malak kept a priest as his servant and masqueraded as his secretary on occasion when he was forced to be among humans, that appears to have been the sum total of his connection to humanity.

*Father Malak built the Black Chapel underneath Thornaby a hidden Sanctified Church, he dedicated it to Brother Ezekial who did not live to see it completed.

Ties of Blood

Common knowlege among the Nosferatu.

Even among Haunts Malak was strongly marked by the curse of his blood, he claimed he died of the plague and some hoary sanctified nomad brought him back to serve god and he certainly looked like someone who should have been buried a long time back so you never know he might have been right. Whatever his origins Malak never sired nor expressed anything but distain for those who do as it was against his beliefs.

  • Malak hid himself in plain sight having mastered the arts of obfuscation and if he chose to you would never have known he was there until it was too late.
  • Malak didn't put much stock on clan ties, if you bowed to the sanctified he would be nice enough but any 'heretics' who think to try to claim kinship needed to think again.

Rumours Myths & Outright Lies

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  • Malak wasnt kindred he was a zombie that just refused to die!
  • Father Malak was a Diablerist.
  • His cursed Nosferatu flesh was so rotten that he was actually mostly held together by bandages under his clothing.
  • Malak was a crazed right wing militant he wanted to put everything and everyone who didn't bow to the sanctified to the torch.
  • When he moved back north I hear the kindred of his city threw a party to celebrate.
  • Malak wasn't actually a kindred he was a goth who's just gotten it very wrong
  • Father Malak insulted people without knowing what the words he said really meant.
  • I heard that if you say "Father Malak" seven times in front of a mirror, he'll appear from out of nowhere and make you do anything from 4 to 372 Hail Marys.


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  • "You call us kindred yet you are not kin to me we are the damned and our duty is to serve god, that is our only connection."
  • "looks like the Lancea finally got a member with balls. Thats not good." -Yeron's description of Malak.
  • "Touch me again harlot and I will see you burning upon a pyre." Malak to Daisy after she attempted to stake him

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Character played by Ian Philo

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