Father Solomon
Player Simon P
Character Father Dietrich Solomon
City Middlesbrough
Clan Ventrue
Covenant Lancea Sanctum
Age upon Embrace Mid 30's
Occupation/Position Catholic Priest
Status within the City Priest


5 ft 9. Bald head, glasses, black robe.


All he's told anyone is that he came up from Ipswich knowing that he could continue to study the teachings of Longinus in the North East. He claims to be an acquaintance of Ezekiel Abbedonn.



Recent Events:

He has openly shown distain toward the various court members in at least two of the cities, declaring them all to be insane.


  • Under his robes he wears a complete suit of chain mail
  • He is famous among the Lancea Sanctum for his work as an inquisitor
  • He stole his robes off a Cistean Monk because he lost his Priest Cassock in a game of poker
  • Was one of the orignial monks of the Abbey of Leffe who brewed the famous Belgian Blonde Beer
  • I heard he wears stockings and suspenders under his robes.
  • He leaves his tiny weapon unsheathed beneath those robes!
  • I heard he killed two stones with one bird.
  • Satan was telling him what to do, he hung up and now he has to tell himself what to do.
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