Gabriella Ito

Name: Boss Miho "Gabriella" Ito, Demonic Epitome of Sin
Formerly: Prince of Newcastle, Prince of Durham, Epitome of Envy

Life As A Mortal

Miho Ito was born over 200 years ago, during the Edo Period in Japan. Her mother was a Japanese geisha and her father was an English merchant. Her mother’s affair was not condoned by the masters of the okiya (geisha house), and ultimately she was killed following Miho's birth. Her father returned to England and was never heard from again.

Miho was brought up in the okiya and taught the geisha arts. She was tomboyish as a child, and her aggressive nature was apparent even from infancy. The other children would often tease her for being a “bastard half-breed”, and she would retaliate with violence. Her tormentors quickly learned not to mock her for her English heritage.

Geisha training seemed to calm Miho as she grew older. In truth, it only enabled her to focus her wrath in a more efficient way. Still aggressive by nature, she hid it beneath a steely composure and would retaliate any insult in calm manner, sometimes with wits but more often with violence. Miho relished in the power that violence and intimidation gave her over others and her reputation soon made her feared amongst the other training geishas in the okiya.

Miho had successfully passed through the stage of shikomi and had begun the minarai stage of her geisha training when it became apparent that her talents for intimidation were wasted in the okiya. After meeting a member of the Inner Circle of the Kyuuketsuki Clan – the masters of her okiya - at a banquet, it was decided that Miho would be trained as a hittoman (hit man/assassin) instead.

She was taken into the care of a high-ranking member of the Clan and trained in martial arts and the art of the samurai sword. Her training was difficult and her teachers cruel and unrelenting. She was tested to the very limits of her endurance and patience, but Miho persevered eventually gaining the quiet respect of her teachers and peers. The combination of her training as a geisha, her now-focused aggression and her skills in combat turned Miho into a graceful and deadly killer.

The Kyuuketsuki and the Embrace

The Kyuuketsuki was one of the first Yakuza clans to be founded in Japan. Founded at the beginning of the Edo Period, the Clan originally dominated a small cluster of towns and villages surrounding Osaka, but as time went by they began to dominate the city itself.

At the age of twenty-five, Miho became the principle bodyguard and hittoman for the leader of the Kyuuketsuki, Boss Eiji Takanaka. Her calm demeanor hid a tempest of rage, which Takanaka found intriguing and amusing at the same time, particularly when she erupted during a kill.

Miho’s position in the Inner Circle also made her privy to the Clan’s ultimate secret - the Kyuuketsuki was founded and run by vampires loyal to the Invictus Covanent.

Miho spent three years as a Ghoul to Boss Takanaka before she was deemed ready to be embraced. She was finally born into darkness in 1802 at the age of twenty-eight. At this point she had broken all contacts with her mortal life and willingly accepted the embrace, seeing it as a means to gain more power over others.

The Move to Newcastle

In 1974, Miho was sent by Boss Takanaka to Newcastle upon Tyne in England to assist Prince Wodenson in taking back the city from the Black Friars. Always obedient servant of her sire, Miho went willingly whilst at the same time seeing this move as an opportunity for her to “spread her wings” and gain some power that was all her own. The particulars of why Wodenson had asked the Kyuuketsuki for help were never fully disclosed. Upon arriving in Newcastle, she took the name “Gabriella”. The only person in the city who knew her real name at this point was Prince Wodenson, having been told it when informed of her impending arrival. After helping dispose of the Black Friars, she stayed in Newcastle under orders of Boss Takanaka, acting as a sort of Guardian to the city and taking orders from Wodenson.

Miho owned a popular sushi restaurant in the city’s Chinatown from which she gained a reasonable income and used as a front for her illegal operations. She previously resided in an undisclosed haven within the city, as she liked to retain her privacy. In 2008, she was chosen as Wodensen's heir and took his place as Prince of Newcastle, taking the name "Boss Ito" as her title.

Removal from the Throne of Newcastle

Boss Ito's increasingly erratic and paranoid behavior during 2009 led to concerns being raised about her capability to reign as Prince of Newcastle. The constant presence of her ghouls at the entrance (and exit) to the elysium left several members of the court feeling wary of her and uncomfortable. Those closest to Ito noticed that these changes began around the same time that she killed Karl Braun for treason.

Boss Ito was finally confronted about her behavior at Newcastle Court in September 2009 when it was discovered that she had disguised one of her ghouls as herself and had sent her into the elysium in her place. The ghoul had a concealed two-way radio transmitter on her person, allowing Ito to listen in what was happening. When the court attacked her proxy, Boss Ito appeared and, in her fury, renounced all of the Newcastle Kindred as traitors and promptly disappeared before there was any retaliation. Searches of her haven and restaurant yielded nothing, and her whereabouts was unknown for a long time.

Upon his ascension to the throne of Newcastle, Prince Luther Ulyanov sent out an invitation to Boss Ito asking her to rejoin the court. She responded with an aggressive note, leaving Prince Luther no choice but to place her under blood hunt. This blood hunt was suspended following the events of the Solstice gathering in Middlesborough, where it was learned that Boss Ito was the Empress card.

Recent News

  • During the Fight Club in August 2010, Ito admitted that she had become the Epitome of Envy.
  • Ito and Meri sit Anpu confirmed that they are lovers.
  • Boss Ito claimed Praxis of Durham and fought off opposition (mainly from the Lancea Sanctum) without effort.
  • To prove herself to the Kindred of the North East, Boss Ito has stepped down as Prince of Durham and named Nash Kincade her successor. She has agreed to stay in the region until Pride is dealt with, after which she will leave.
  • Boss Ito manipulated the Kindred of Durham in order to attain her true goal. She has now ascended and become a demon - the Epitome of Sin. She has left the region but if she ever returns, will she be an ally or a threat?


  • Her surname is pronounced "Ee-Toe".
  • She once cut off the thumbs of Ian Druss for lying to her.
  • Boss Ito declared Bishop Braun of Durham a traitor to the three cities and took his head for it.
  • She enjoys the works of William Shakespeare and the music of Tomayasu Hotei.
  • Boss Ito was once the lover of Alexander Gideon.


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