Great Culling

In the early 1800s the industrial revolution caused a sudden dramatic influx of new kindred into the city of Darlington mostly fledgeling Carthians and neophyte members of the Invictus looking to make their mark in the rapidly expanding industrial town.
This sudden influx of kindred created unrest among the residents of the city that swiftly degenerated into open conflict over territory, influence and the mortal food supply.
One night, half the cities kindred awoke to find their rivals havens torn apart with literally dozens of kindred left as piles of ash or simply missing and never seen again.
The dead seemed almost random, long established residents were destroyed along with the new arrivals and no clan or covenant was left unscathed.
Mab summoned the survivors to elysium and declared the conflict over, she warned that if the residents of her domain allowed things to reach such a state again she would cull them again.

Over the next few decades the survivors were careful to prevent their numbers growing too quickly and even now they have been heard to wonder if perhaps the next cull might be on the horizon.

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