Takeda Ichigura
Player Samantiena Bloodmyer
Character Takeda Ichigura
City Middlesbrough
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Invictus
Age upon Embrace 20
Occupation/Position Samurai
Hometown ????/Japan
Status within the City N/A


Japanese historian Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki describes Uesugi's beliefs as: "Those who are reluctant to give up their lives and embrace death are not true warriors…. Go to the battlefield firmly confident of victory, and you will come home with no wounds whatever. Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death. When you leave the house determined not to see it again you will come home safely; when you have any thought of returning you will not return. You may not be in the wrong to think that the world is always subject to change, but the warrior must not entertain this way of thinking, for his fate is always determined."
Zen and Japanese culture

By Daisetz Teitarō Suzuki


Takeda Ichigura son of Takeda Shingen of the Sengoku period. Like his father before him, he was referred to as the eldest son, also known as "Katsuchiyo" (勝千代) but being born into a time of great violence and war, he lived a life of training to become one day a lord of his father’s rein over Japan.

Through growing up, Ichigo was a small boy, who lay at his mother’s lap, trying to please his mother and protect her whilst his father was at war with the world. It was a very lonesome life, and by the age of 12 he was already a strong warrior for his father’s clan, almost a master of his families katana, but being forced into this sheltered life of training and womanly influence, Ichigo grew up with very feminine attributes and in time began to take a secret shine to one of his fellow comrades in the training classes, a close friend by the name of Tsenbo Yuki.

Yuki and Ichigo, would train daily together, out deep into the woods, most who saw them, saw them as brother’s, close, proud and strong, but as time went by on the verge of Ichigo’s 15th birthday, drunk on Sake, Yuki and him lay together hidden in the forest clearing, from that night on, Yuki and Ichigo kept their love a secret. But as time went on, they had no choice but to stay separate, and because of this Hotaru was determined to see Yuki and took a huge risk. Borrowing some of hsi mother’s cloths and make up, he snuck out one night in the open. Those who saw him spoke about him as the most beautiful woman they had ever seen, and to meet Yuki, it took a long time of explaining and hinting for Yuki to spot Ichigo was dressed up. His words were simple “My only point that leg to you being a male was your lack of breasts”

For 2 years they kept this secret, it was an easy, open life, until the brink of the Kawanakajima war in 1561. Whilst out dressed as a woman, an army from China broke into the town they we sleeping in, without thinking and without choice Yuki and Ichigo jumped out, blades wild to fight back the attack and unfortunately during this attack Ichigo’s identity was revealed as his loose kimono, due to just being asleep, pulled off during battle. Many were shocked to see who he was but it stopped nothing, filled with rage he instead smirked and laughed at their feeble minds, slicing wildly, proving even someone as bizarre as himself could fight off scuh a large attack. But all was not as easy as it seemed as Ichigo’s father watched the whole ordeal, he was shamed to discover his son dressed as a woman but more disgraced when he openly admitted his sexuality.

He was given a nasty choice, murder Yuki and Regain his family trust by marrying a provided woman, or take his own life. He was given 3 days to decide. In his mind, it was an easy choice, he would happily die for his beloved and with this choice, returning form his family home to his love, he walked in happy but to a price. He walked into his lover, Yuki, in the arm’s of a woman, a woman far pregnant. In rage he screamed demanding answers, Yuki explained this was purply for a child, nothing more, but he had none of it, breaking out in heart broken disapre, he sliced the woman head off, after cutting his womb open to grab the unborn child, tossing it out the door. Yuki in fear grabbed his sword and the two fought violently until Yuki demanded to see Ichigo’s father, claiming he would end it himself. In a rage Ichigo agreed, dragging the traitorous lover to his home, and before his father, stained with tears, stood strong, as he watched his lover commit Seppuku but Yuki smiled in final words “I would do anything for you my love…” then it hit him.

Yuki had never bedded another woman, this woman was nothing but a stranger in from the cold. Ichigo tried to stop the bleeding of his fallen lover as he admitted to truth, that Ichigo, he would sooner he lived a life of love with Yuki in his heart and maybe one day in paradise they could be together. He would never let his lover choose death for Ichigo had become Yuki’s reason for living and without him, he would face a pain far worse than death. Frankily trying to heal his beloved, he sobbed unable to help him as he died in his arm’s. Filled with hate, shame and blind rage he scream insianly, grabbing his lovers blade and murdering whoever he could around him, he took the life of his mother, siblings and almost all of his town.
In the end he was weak, hurt as he held the body of his beloved, walking out of this town, holding him close under pouring rain, turning the floor red as he shivered, hate in his heart boiling over. He swore vengeance on his father as he from that point on travelled the lands. He was known form town to town as the “Oni Shiro” Demon White, he would walk in white and come out red, the blood of innocence on his hand, blind with sorrow and hate for his fallen lover. Time after this, he returned to the town. The smell of ash and the dead greated his as he was invited by the left over's to burry his dead lover, but instead he spotted his lovers fan, cloths and a pile of ashes left on the floor. To this, Ichigo believe he had found the ashes of his lover but he was adiment, due to the lack of a human body that his lover may still be alive, he bottled the ashes and took the fan with him, so one day they may meet again. He reached the age of 19, and by then had almost the country feared him and his lack of emotion.

Until one night, when he visited a quiet town to end many lives, but on this night everything was forgotten. All he remembered was a woman, white skin, black hair, black lips a geisha in black taking his life in a brutish and gory manner. When his eyes opened, to the lash of burning sunlight he crawled, flesh boiling into a hidden ditch and there, he trailed eyes to his finger and painful joints to see a change in his own being, his once tanned yellowish skin was now white, his nails sharp and dried blood over his once living frame. He was a creature not of this world and knew it. At first he say this as a strange gift, his hatred had turned him into a monster of free rain, by night able to reek revenge of the humanity and there happy lives, only letting few live in return for fighting back, and again that was few.

With a long journey through many nights, Ichigo travelled to a temple far out into the mountain reach to discover what he was. Tired and hungry, he collapsed under the weight of his now limp body, into a small farm land, filled with crops and animals. It was here where he met a small family who took him in, cleaned him up and tried to aid him. During his stay with these people, he fed from the animals they had and asked them to aid him in his struggle, in return he protected their family and helped to keep the family afloat. He slept for many years on and off, waking up from his naps unknowing of what he was, until when he was strong enough centuries down the line, he travel far into the new buildings of Japan, meeting some of his own kind, some he would run from, others he would attack, sometimes kill by sheer mistake. However, in his trail's he was discovered as a monster, but nto as harshly, greated with open arms by fellow Invictus, they took him in and bread his as a monster, taking advantage of his completely twisted mind. It was here he discovered he was a Nosfuratu and with that came mental and physcal deformities he forced himself to learn how to hide. What better weapon than a moth in butterflies clothing.

He lived through many events, includding the bomb drop on Hiroshima and the end reign of the human samerai warroirs, that human ones as the vampires are still strong.

In his travels he ventured by the by, following the Invictus, now with more of his own kind, in a safe haven he spent years learning what he was and why he was turned. SO many questions remained unanswered but yet he still trained hard, stay strong, stayed smart and in time became closer to his own kindred. To most of his kind, he was taken on a demon hunter, tracking down and taking care of all sorts of demons with his own Oni Shiro Mask, working for many Ouji’s (princes) of Japan, to aid them in their situations, in return he was given gold and piece, which the more physical things he shared to his own human herd to keep their family going for as long as he wished them too.

His past though still haunted him, he discovered in the early 1900’s as he walked into a museum, a whole display full of paintings of his family, armour he had once worn and in his wait he was approached by a tall man with a few seemingly guards with him. Before he would easily turn to end these foes they talked knowing of him and made an offer to him to join the Yakuza, at first he snarled and refused, to proud of his own self righteousness however they insisted and took him into a Yakuza home, filled with overwhelming fear he met the leader of the Yakuza and accepted the offer form this incredibly powerful kindred.

Years past, after discovering new things and working as a member of the Yakuza family, in a drunken state of Sake and blood he admit to a fellow kindred about his life and his fascination to be slightly a women, because of this he was introduced to a surgeon who dealt with their kind to help change their kind and so with a delightful smirk and over 60 years of pain and body alterations, includding hsi lover's ashes palced into his chest, Ichigo had created a woman chest and with this found a new fascination with his sexually, happily delving into transvestite porn to fix his uncontrolled urges into lust. In time, he discovered how easy it was to hide his manly attributes and also use his looks to get what he wanted. With his new luring abilities and persuasion of his kind, Ichigo was able to convinced the leader of the Yakuza he was trust worthy and in so was offered a most secret mission and offer he could not refuse. He did not know what or when, but he was asked or more ordered, to locate this item stolen from the very Yakuza that is after he was made a trainer for other future samrai's, a warlord in hidden beauty.

He would have said no, but he was curious for their was one thing form his past he carried with him, in one of his fake breast, he placed a small jar, inside the ashes of his beloved Yuki. If there was anyways to bring his beloved back, maybe this was it and so he accepted, taking some of his human herd to England to hunt for this lost item.

England, to him is interested, but not as much as the lack of culture was. In early 2000, he wandered almost in the middle of no where, hunting for more links to this Yakuza stolen item and in so he came across another kindred. Snarling wildly the two fought viscous, but in the middles of this they paused to spot a small human family had seem them and drove off in a car. Dropping their natural instincts they cased after this said family, hunting and tracking them down until he grabbed them violet with this fellow kindred, pinning and murdering each of them out of lack of choice. After this event, he and this kindred star, ready to fight again but instead they began to laugh and created a sort of bond. Both alone but in a pleasant friendship, they, after disposing of bodies smiled to introduce to each other …

“You know what kid, you’re not bad… what’s your name?”
“I’m just a simple Gangrel, Elsa, you?”
“Heh…well I’m Ichigo, a simple Nosfuratu”

The only two things that plauges Ichigo's mind to this date are; His missing fiance and the discovery of who turned him. He believes knowing this, and maybe gaining power on the way, will helps him use his "gift" "curse" whatever you may call it, for his own living gain.


  • Ichigo is a very stern person but also very free. Like a bull he easily flies off the rails in a very anime like fahion, but can return quite quickly to a more clam state.
  • Ichigo is a seemingly happy person, a joker, full of amuzement
  • He likes to play with peoples emotions and enjoys toying with peoples "accusations" of him being a man
  • Ichigo is a Nos, and with that come deformities of the mroe mental kind. These rarly surface but when they do can cause him to be unable to handle any normal situation's. He can collapse, scream, freak out, and almost seem completely and utterly insain, but just as quickly as they start they can calm so eaisly.
  • With mental disorder comes phyical. When stressed or in a panic, or as an extra ready to fight, Ichigo can show more deformities hdiden under layer of thick make up and calmed features. When in full Nos he displays;

- White Eyes with red rings around them
- More droopy and demonic features includding a more demonic face
- Twitches his body can suffer on his right leg, right arm and hips, in and out of Nos state
- A more darker and tainted attitude

  • Ichigo craves power and respects women with power, and will more likly listen to woman than he does men
  • Ichigo has no sexual preference, however he is 100% agaisnt homophobia in any way and will fight for anything in the name of love
  • Ichigo does not listen to men, because he believes the only one who can ever tame him is his fiance,the reaosn he admired his fiance was for his heartless attitude
  • If anyone made Ichigo talk about his lover, they would see him in a very different light


Draw Images/ Conspect art coming soon…





Recent Events:

  • Has moved from Japan to middlesbrough tempoarily, reason generally unknown.
  • Ichigo has spoken with Princes and many to find more about Sonniku
  • Ichigo has found even more about Sonniku and his where abouts of the item he is in search for
  • Ichigo has made a relaxed settlement in england and made Middlesbrough his home town
  • Ichigo is awaiting a meeting to meet his fellow English Invictus. The teachings from his home country Japan are very different from those in England.
  • Ichigo has discovered that his lover may still be alive out there thansk to a DNA test.
  • IS now a warrior for this Erishkagal and ahs reveal true identity


  • Elisa : A friend to more of a little ister to him

Dead/Missing Allies:

  • His Fiance…


Ichigo has no enemies, he only has people he has time for


  • Apparantly well known on the web for certain debauchery.
  • Apparantly Ichigos gender is under question.
  • S/he knew Sonniku and has come here in search of an item of great importance. S/he just doesn't know what!
  • Is well known for doing quite interesting films
  • Has may/may not have slept with Raptor
  • Lay's on bed of silk in a pink dress whilst singing "I'm every woman!"
  • Ichigo is secretly working for Bossito and one S/he recovers the itme S/he searching for S/he will use her to summon her into our world!
  • S/He was actually Sonniku's Boyfriend
  • S/He is the inspiration behind Rurouni Kenshin Himura
  • S/He topped Sonniku, apprently Sonniku thought all S/he said was gibberish so instead of fighting he just took it
  • Looks like he has a troll face when he is creating issues
  • Eat's babies in his spare time, NO REALLY!!! I swear it!

Quotes from or about Ichigo:

"そうですか?" (Majite?) - Says this allot.
"人間のようにそれを取る!" (Ningen no yō ni sore o toru!)
"Engrish is not of my first languages"
"Sonniku was such a bad boy"


His sort of color scheme, music enjoyments and a bit about his fashion style

His favourite song is by Kyary called PonPonPon

A bit about Ganguro and what he wears as a discise

Despite how Ichigo acts, he has a huge crush on this man known as "Dj SiSeN" who is a famous DJ that works in Japan and has done for a very long time

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