Hunter Green

Connection to the Jarl

The Hunter Green was one of the Jarl's General's. Eventually, the general's betrayed the Jarl and, with the help of the Fae, managed to seal the Jarl in a small Ship in a Bottle. Since then, the Hunter Green is said to have passed away and is no longer alive, meaning she will not be able to help with binding the Jarl once again. Her spirit did appear once in Middlesbrough court, as a weeping ghost warning us that the Jarl is going to be coming back and there is no hope for the world. The ghost knew this as she said she was the Jarl's lover in the real world.

A second Hunter Green?

When the first Middlesbrough court went into session, the prince was Dr Albert Hardy who had himself the title of Hunter Greene. It seem's to be spelt a little differant and considering the original Hunter Green died a long while ago, Dr Hardly seemed to have considered himself a replacement. Dr Hardy has some strong connections with the Fae and, eventually, the fae decided to take Dr Hardy away, for reason's they only know. Currently, it seem's Dr Hardy is trapped in Arcadia with the Fae.

Will the Hunter Green be coming back?

Who knows, it's possible that Dr Hardy is still alive in Arcadia but even if he did come back, it's unsure that he would have any influence or power. As for a replacement, who know's…..

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