The beliefs of Inanna:

Inannas followers celebrate aspects of sexual love, fertility, and warfare. Her followers can mainly be found at the All Saints faith centre in Middlesbrough.

Who is Inanna?

Inanna has shown herself to court on a few occasions. She is breathtakingly beautiful, appearing almost plant like in appearance with green features and flowering decorations.
She is said to be a Fey. Whether the myths of Innana are based on her or she based herself on the myths is unknown.

She does not get along with the Followers of Ereshkigal, and they have quite the rivalry.

Notable events:

• Back in 2008, Inanna arrived at the court and stole away the cities then [[Hunter Green]]] Dr Albert Hardy. Apparently he and other predecessors to the prince’s throne in Middlesbrough had made bargains with the godlike creature. She claimed her payment in the form of the hunter green himself.
• Inanna taken a liking to the kindred [[Adrian Tenebrook]]] and he became the first known ‘Champion of Innana’. She assisted the court through him up until his death. When Adrian died the Fey became quite hostile.
• During a ritual to appease the raging goddess, Dr Hans Ferritz dedicated himself to the worship of Innana and replacing the lost champion. This brought about a new peace with the Fey and her followers.

Notable followers of Inanna:

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