The Event's of Inyanna in Middlesbrough Court

A powerful fae from Arcadia that has previous contact with the court of Middlesbrough, where she abducted the "Hunter Green", the prince of middlesbrough at the time, Dr Albert Hardy.

Since then, she made Adrian Tenebrook her champion, in order to maintain the balance of power between Inyanna and her sister, Ereshkigal. Since the death of Adrian Tenebrook, Inyanna ceased all contact with the kindred courts unless they pledge to worship her again.

In Durham court, this was achieved, as Gideon performed to the ritual to enter the realm and Dr Hans Ferritz became the next Champion of Inyanna. Until today, Dr Hans Ferritz strives to keep the balance between Inyanna and Ereshkigal stable and keep peace with the Fae.

Inyanna in History

Inyanna is, or believes herself to be, an ancient Sumerian goddess that went by the name of Inanna. There is alot of information about the goddess in literature, however, the majority of this information can be summed up by reading the wiki article on Inanna.

The Champion of Inyanna and her followers

Currently, The Champion of Inyanna is Dr Hans Ferritz, who has the artifacts and the ritual in order to step into Arcadia to talk with Inyanna. If you have a request to see Inyanna, you will need to talk to Dr Hans First.

Other Kindred that has sworn loyalty to Inyanna:

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