Recent Events

In November 2010, the Jarl escaped from his prison. A group of kindred managed to convince him that the prophecies to destroy the world had been falsified, and so instead of bringing on the apocalypse, he decided to go to war with Prince Gaius of Westminster.

It was decided by the majority of kindred that the Jarl was still too dangerous to be allowed to roam free, and therefore the ritual to bind him should still be completed. The Invictus, however, had different ideas and decided to wake the Jarl before the ritual was ready.

When the Jarl woke, he managed to Dominate the majority of the kindred present into siding with him, who then joined him in preventing the ritual. Some kindred fought bravely against the Jarl, most of whom are now piles of dust, and the majority then realised that resistance was futile.

Whether they agreed to it or not, the Jarl informed the kindred of the North East that they would be led to Westminster to slaughter Gaius and his Primogen.

Bishop Odo

Next on the Jarl's hitlist is Bishop Odo. As repayment for his treachery, the Jarl placed a bloodhunt on Odo, and has publicly stated that the kindred to end his life will be allowed the right of Diablerie…

Previous Information

This is a collection on Information gathered on the Jarl.

  • He is extremely powerful and needs to be stopped
  • We have came into the possession of Tarot cards that we Apparently we need to stop him
  • The Jarls has a huge Army that Has utterly destroyed Gideons version of Earth in less then 6 months.
  • The Blackfriars Claim to have a means of destroying Jarl, interested in prophecies, these are people whose credibility however is 0 and could in fact be agents of the Jarl distracting us with Unreal and media slander campaigns. Have seemingly started to leave us alone so we should perhaps do the same in return.
  • He used 4 Generals in the past when he was in power, these 4 betrayed him with the help of the Fae to bind him.
  • He is currently imprisoned within a Ship in a Bottle, where his spirit sleep's untill be rise's again.

Tarot Cards

This is a quick list of all the Tarot Cards, and the Ones Known to be active and who we believe has them.

0. The Fool (Prince Ezekiel, Active?)
I. The Magician (Unknown)
II. The High Priestess (Mab?, Not Active)
III. The Empress (Gabriella Ito, Active)
IV. The Emperor (Bane, Active?)
V. The Hierophant (Unknown)
VI. The Lovers (Dr Rebus, Active)
VII. The Chariot (Not Active?)
VIII. Strength (Dr Rebus, Active)
IX. The Hermit (Requiem, Active)
X. Wheel of Fortune (Unknown)
XI. Justice (Unknown)
XII. The Hanged Man (Unknown)
XIII. Death (Gideon, Active)
XIV. Temperance (Cassar-Dar, Active)
XV. The Devil (Unknown, Active)
XVI. The Tower (Dr Rebus, Active)
XVII. The Star (Cassar-Dar, Active)
XVIII. The Moon (Unknown)
XIX. The Sun (Cassar-Dar, Active)
XX. Judgment (Rat-Man?, Active)
XXI. The World (Unknown)

The Binding Ritual

  • Once all the Tarot Cards are Activated they form the Binding Ritual we need.
  • We need to remake the deals that the 4 Generals had made in the past.
    1. A Powerful Fae (Inyanna, Ereshkigal or Enlil)
    2. A Demon Prince (Was Andremelach who is now Destroyed, The Seven Epitomes Have offered to put us In contact with another)
    3. Lilith the original creator of the Binding Ritual

The Ritual to Destroy

  • Kindred - Held by Tia, Currently imprisoned along with the rest of the Brood of Lilith, location unknown. Tia is Cursed so that she cannot be a part of this Ritual.
  • Mortal - Held by a young woman currently under the protection of the Circle of the Crone, she has extraordinary powers which she is struggling to control and she doesn't know where these powers come from.
  • Fae - The Fae that held this part of the ritual has now passed on and is now a Ghost, the actions of this Ghost is unpredictable therefore is difficult to locate. Possibly the Banshee of Newcastle.
  • Mage - Lucien Carnifex, holds the true name of the Jarl. Current location unknown.
  • Werewolf - The parts got scattered and have been moved a lot with time and unfortunately despite being extremely Knowledgeable the where abouts of this part of the ritual is unknown to Innyana.

The Handmaiden to The Great Innyana, Lilith, is needed to finish and perform this ritual, but because of her prudence, was punished by Inyanna and split into 8 part and scattered amongst reality. All but one Part Found and in the care of Dr. Rebus

The Weapons of Uruk

  • Weapons that are Capable of Destroying the Jarl?
  • The Location of these weapons were given as the first prize in an supernatural fighting tournament, won by Alexander Gideon.
  • Most are now Found and held by Dr. Rebus and Gideon

The Solstice Rituals

At the Winter Solstice of '09 a joint effort of Kindred and Werewolf performed 3 Rituals, Past, Present and Future, calling forth Spirits from each to help and guide us with the battle against the Jarl. This is the Information we Gained From them

The 4 Generals


  • Also known as 'The Furiouse Blue', 'Painted Ram', 'Stoorworm', 'The Lamptom Wyrm'
  • Is considered Mad and Insane, and deserves to be in Torpor
  • Is considered very Dangerous and should be left sleeping.
  • Is the oldest of all the generals, because of this she has lost his mind
  • was binded as a weapon to use against the Jarl
  • Can be used as a Last Resort weapon again
  • Unknown if she will side with us or Jarl
  • The Spider (Damhan Allaidh) knows potentially how to control her
  • Is kept in a pit so deep that death its self cannot escape in Darlington.
  • She Escaped and returned to Newcastle her old Hunting grounds.
  • Her heart was captured by Damhan Allaidh and the Black Friers and they could control her.
  • Prince Luther Stabbed the heart with his sword killing Woad, and a possible very powerful ally, capable in fighting the Jarl.
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