Covenant Lancea Sanctum
Clan Mekhet


Jimmy was a product of a by gone era of London gangsters who spoke in rhyming slang. Always up for making a quick buck it was only his lovable charm that kept him from making multiple enemies. He was the Keeper of Elysium in Newcastle for at least forty years and seemed quite competent at his job. Preferring keen senses and slight of hand over brute force, he prevented many Elysium from becoming battlegrounds.
He was slain in the battle with the unreal when he carried the torpid corpse of the Prince to the throne room.


  • Legend has it that Jimmy once removed the Carthian ex-Primogen’s bra without her noticing during court.
  • Jimmy is so practiced at Auspex that he can no longer not see someone in Obfuscate.
  • Jimmy and Aidan stole the body of Prince Wodenson from the Ordo Dracul
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