Jonathan Harrington
Player Kevin W
Character jonathan ('johnny') Harrington
City Middlesbrough
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Carthian Movement
Age upon Embrace Unspecified
Occupation/Position Mercenary
Hometown Middlesbrough
Status within the City Prince/Sherrif


5 ft 10. Short shaven auburn hair, brown-green eyes.



1938 Joined army age 16 and fought in France, Holland and Germany.
His service record is still classified but is marked KIA.
Recently discovered records report he was killed in Holland.
A photo unearthed from the same records show his squad member Phillip Entwistle trying to carry him to safety. Rumour had it that Phillip had carried him for miles and wouldn't admit Johnny was dead.
Johnny is reported to have had a military burrial and no further records exist until he turned up in the North East.





Recent Events:

First appeared in the North East at a Durham Elysium but has settled in Middlesbrough.
Was badly injured fighting feral Gangrels in Durham.
Got in to a scuffle with a taxi driver outside Elysium.
Had a few scuffles with the Society of Leopold, almosy dieing the second time.
Has been trying to prevent a gang war between 2 factions within Middlesbrough but has been unable to prevent Kindred from outside Middlesbrough blundering in.
Has covered up numerous Masqurade breaches.
Has been trying to make amends with a former member of court who is feeling a great deal of resentment to the court due to the persecution of her sire.
Was chosen by the Herald of Baphomet to have his soul imprisoned but was rescued from his torment by Eleanor Mock and Kathrine with the support of the entire Newcastle court.


  • Has fought in the majority of wars in the last 60 years.
  • Has a fully serviced and functioning Challenger 2 tank in an allotment shed.
  • Is rumored to have been a member of the SAS.
  • Is considering resigning as Sheriff.
  • Did resign as Sheriff. And then was appointed the role of Sheriff.
  • Regularly goes skydiving.
  • Uses Chris Cornells 'You Know my Name' as his ring tone.
  • Frequently watches classic action movies on dvd and eats popcorn.
  • Has an unfeasibly large shed where he collects Chia pets.
  • It's rumored that the Bourne identity is actually his autobiography.
  • Apparently he can understand seven spoken languages, but that doesn't include Scottish, Cockney Rhyming Slang or whatever Brad Pitt says in the film 'Snatch'.
  • Has worked as a weapons trainer for the cast of 24.
  • Seized praxis of Middlesbrough because he was sick of paying full price in shops and thought he would get a discount.
  • Intends to be prince until Christian Lawrence reclaims the position.
  • Intends to keep the role of praxis and not relinquish it for anyone.
  • Is an avid video game fan and has a life size Sam Fisher statue in his haven that he stole from a local games shop.
  • Johnny is only friends with Daisy because she has promised to build him a tank, and he will do anything to keep her alive until his tank is built
  • Has invented a story about a demon in his head to cover up the fact that he suffers from Narcolepsy and keeps falling asleep in court.
  • Was not concerned that his surname appeared smeared on the walls at murder scenes as it is not his real name.


amodeous-von-carlson Amodeous is a fellow sheriff and shares Jonathan's passions for guns. RIP
sonniku Jonathan respects Sonniku's honour, loyalty and skills. RIP
Hunter Hunter initially gained Johnny's respect as he worked hard to protect Middlesbrough however Johnny feels that Hunter fell in with a bad crowd. Maybe he can redeem himself by Killing Lupin/Mallum.Nope he didn't RIP
Daisy Despite being a bit of a religious nutter, Daisy works hard to protect the city of Middlesbrough and shares some ideals with Johnny.
Kenny o'Lafferty Kenny is one of Johnny's trusted allies and is 1 of only 2 people Johnny would trust with his life, the other being Daisy.
Dr Eli Rebus Before he disapeared Eli appeared to have grown a pair and Johnny respected that he had finally got off his fence and involved himself in kindred politics.
Shannon A fellow Carthian who is working with Johnny for the good of Kindred society, hopefully Johnny can get past some shyness he feels talking to her.
Victoria Astley Johnny admires her experince and detailed knowlege of the Carthians.
Christian Lawrence Johnny has made Christian his seneshal as he can think of no one more qualified to run the city in his absence.
Tyler O'Harris Tyler has helped Johnny on a number of occations, unfortunetly he's also provided a large number headaches for him. Currently Tylers is proving to be more helpful than a hinderance, Just.
Dr Hans Ferritz Despite their recent public arguments Johnny still finds Hans a usefull repository of knowledge and and will probably keep him in some advisory role.
Yeron Hara Johnny has recently found Yeron to be very helpfull. He is having concerns about her outspoken nature and lack of respect for officers and princes of other courts.
Lord Dempsey Lord Dempsey has been helpfull so far but Johnny is still warry of the invictus.
Father Solomon Father Solomon has supported Johnny but has a habit of flying of the handle, if he can control his temper he will prove to be a valuable ally.


The hunters (Society of Leopold)
Breachers of the Masquarade
The Demon Baphomet

Quotes from or about Jonathan:

"They're all talking about religious bollocks."

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