Julia's Bureau

Julia's Bureau

This is a collection of information on a society of Telepaths, Julia's Bureau

  • Founded by W. T. Stead in 1909
  • Formed to create a sort of dead letter office, to reunite loved ones seperated by death
  • Had offices in New York, London and Darlington
  • Stead Predicted his own death twice, Both involved him drowning
  • Stead died on the Titanic
  • Proves he had some psycic powers
  • The London branch closed shortly after his death
  • The New York Branch is still running, publishing books and so on …
  • The Darlington Branch dropped from the public eye, and no record of it acually closing

What we know about them

  • Darlington Court has had a few run ins with them, they appear ofter, usually a man in smart cloths with a briefcase that is Handcuffed to him.
  • They are very strong Telepaths
  • They all seem to have Linked minds
  • A very strong Bond
  • One that had his Aura percepted, was Mortal but his Aura appeared Artificial
  • They all talk very calm and sofisicated.
  • They have a task force that use some heavy guns and explosives, so some of them are combat trained.

Recent Event's

  • Darlington's Court and Julia's Bureau have a treaty to co-exist and share information.
  • The Bureau is said to have a hostage, a werewolf, could it be Mr Wolfe?
  • The Bureau may have a Weapon of Uruk in there possesstion.
  • The Bureau have stolen all the artifacts underneath St. Cuthberts Chruch, artifacts that prove to Mortals the existance of kindred.
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