Karl Braun

Title: Prince Regent of Durham
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Clan: Nosferatu

Friends, Enemies & Associates


  • Balthazar Black and Karl Braun are sworn enemies.
  • I hear Karl is actually a former Nazi.
  • Karl Braun is plotting the overthrow of Newcastle
  • Karl Braun uses magics and heathen ways to hide his Nosferatu blood so to attract the Prince of Middlesbrough into his bed…
  • Karl is not his real name. Contacts at Interpol suggest it may have been Herman or Hildegard.
  • Karl Braun changed the spelling of his name from 'Carl Brown' in an effort to escape an ex-wife he had before he was embraced.
  • Karl was originally chosen to play the part of Rolfe in The Sound of Music. He gave up the part to Daniel Truhitte because he didn't want to be typecast.
  • Karl once got thoroughly inebriated after feeding on a drunken vessel and proceded to record a "greatest hits" album. Apparently his cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is well worth listening to.
  • Karl Braun was executed after being found to be in league with the Blackfriars


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