Kenny O'Lafferty
Player Matthew 'Borris' Watson
Character Kenny O'Lafferty
City Durham
Clan Daeva
Covenant Carthian Movement
Age upon Embrace 30
Occupation/Position Highwayman
Hometown Drogheda, County Louth, Republic of Ireland
Status Alive


Born in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland in 1619, like most Irishmen of the time Kenny o'Lafferty was raised as a devout Catholic, and grew up to hate the English and Scots settlers within the country. He had a wife, Moira, who he loved dearly and treated with respect, and two daughters, Rosie and Colleen, who he doted over tirelessly and brought up to always be truthful and loyal. He worked most of his life as a Blacksmith's apprentice, particularly excelling in horseshoes and swords. When the Irish Rebellion of 1641 came about, he eagerly took up arms against the English State that had failed his countrymen and felt great pride in what had been accomplished in creating the Confederate Ireland. Although he had a reputation as a pretty boy because of his natural good looks, he had earned the men's respect in the theatre of war, earning a reputation as a fierce warrior and a brutal soldier. Once the conflict was over, he returned to the ironmonger trade.

One day, during his twenty-ninth year, a magnificent black steed was brought in for new horseshoes. His owner and his servants were having great difficulty in controlling the beast, and it reared against its reigns, dragging the poor men around like rag dolls. Kenny ran to the aid of the struggling gentlemen, and as soon as he laid his hands upon the beast, an instantaneous calm came over it. Little did he know of the bond that was formed that day, and how it would save his life.

Later that day there was a commotion. He wandered over to the door of the workshop and peeked outside; only to find a very dirty, drunk, and smug looking young man making sordid advances upon his wife, groping her person and pushing their sobbing children to one side forcefully. The sight of this caused Kenny to fly into a rage, and he launched into a frenzied attack on the man. His master then threw him off and told Kenny the man was his son before promptly beating him in the street and sacking him.

Many weeks later, on a fateful Sunday morning, he and his family went to church as per usual, travelling along the country lane to their local parish. They saw a horse-drawn carriage approaching in the other direction. As the moved aside in advance out of the coach's way, a gunshot rang out, and Kenny ushered his terrified family into the hedges for cover. Satisfied they were hidden well enough, he chanced a glance over the hedge, and saw the carriage being held up by a solitary figure on a horse, his face covered by a mask and hidden under a tricorne hat, a flintlock pistol in his hand. There was an exchange of words and Kenny saw what he assumed to be purses and other items of value handed over to the highwayman, before he turned and sped up the road towards where he was hidden. As their eyes locked Kenny waited for the inevitable gunshot… but it never came. The highwayman simply rode straight past him. He ushered his wife and children out and they quickly walked over to the carriage to ensure the occupants were all right. Satisfied all was reasonably well, given the circumstances, he and his family continued along the way to church. As much as he tried he could not help but reply the moment when the highwayman should have ended him, and wondered why he had seen fit to spare him… and then it hit him. He realized the look he had seen in his eyes was that of desperation. The same desperation that had gripped him in his darkest hours.

After the Sunday service, he told his wife and children to wait outside, while he sought the guidance of the church for his recent troubles, hoping they would provide him with the answers he was seeking… only to have the local priest, Father Tennison, simply tell him to have faith, and the Lord would provide. Hungry and desperate, for the first time in his life, he took little comfort in the old priests words, and it was in that moment, he realized that to ensure the well-being and survival of his family, he knew what must be done.

That night, after tucking his children into bed, and holding his wife in his arms until she drifted into a gentle sleep, Kenny silently donned the darkest clothes he owned, and covered his face with a black piece of sack-cloth. He then grabbed his sword and flintlock pistols he kept from his days serving in the Rebellion, and his tricorne hat which he wore only for market trade days. He muttered a quick prayer to God for forgiveness for what he was about to do, and proceeded to creep out of the house and towards the ironmongers where he used to work. He managed to sneak round the back to the shack where his former master lodged with his son; they had humiliated him, and he would have justice.

He broke into their lodgings, dispatched them both, stole their takings, and the younger man's long black coat to conceal his weapons and his ill-gotten gains. His attention was roused by voices from outside, wondering what the commotion was, and some of them claiming they'd heard gunshots fired. After hiding away the valuables suitably he vanished out the back door, fleeing into the nearby hills in a blind panic. He fled across the river Boyne, and eventually came to the passage graves along the outskirts of the town, hiding away amongst the shadows of the ancient stones. It was here that he was confronted by the Daeva woman that would become his sire. She seduced him with ease, and made him drink of her blood. After this, she abandoned him to the darkness and he gradually wandered home to his family.

The next night, Kenny could not sleep, nor did he feel hunger or thirst, except for that of her sweet blood. He once again crept from the house in the same attire and made his way out of the town and up into the hills, towards the passage graves. She reappeared and introduced herself as Selene Farley, declaring she would teach him.

In the year that followed, Kenny visited Selene on almost a nightly basis and she taught him much of the ways of the Highwayman. She taught him how to fire better than he could before, she sparred with him to better his skills in swordsmanship, and taught him how to burn the blood in his veins to excel in his speed, as well as improve on his good looks, which Selene had told him would come in handy more often than he realized.

"A dazzling smile can be just as deadly as any gun or sword," she had told him.

And how right she was; while they carried out their robberies on the unsuspecting carriages of the rich and wealthy, more often than not he had found that using their smiles and charms to woo their victims into simply handing them their valuables was much more rewarding to the ego… and a lot less messy than murder, even though there were occasions where it was necessary. It was especially pleasing when female hostages would flirt and flaunt their flesh at Kenny too… sometimes they even grappled him for a kiss, overcome by his charms and allure. Selene would more or less have the same responses from the men, although she seemed to garner less enjoyment out of it than he did. At the end of each night, they would return to the passage graves and divide the loot between them, talk of lessons learned and flirted with one another, and a couple of times a week, before Kenny would leave home for his family, Selene would reward him with lustful, erotic pleasures of the flesh, and consumption of her precious blood.

One night, as the Summer was drawing to an end, after such activities, Kenny left for home with his nights taking, only to find his wife already awake and demanding to know where he'd been. His lies about his work had been revealed, and his wife saw the sword and pistols under his coat. When he pulled his coat open, stolen purses clattered to the floor. The moment he realized his cover had been blown, he ran away in a blind panic back to Selene. When he arrived she tackled him into a hidden place amongst the grave stones and shushed him into silence. When he enquired as to why, he looked out and say Oliver Cromwell's army; hundreds of soldiers all advancing towards the river and the town. He tried to leave to rescue his family but Selene knocked him out to spare his life from the soldiers, and dragged him into her haven just before the sun came up.

When Kenny woke up that night he noticed the stink of gunpowder, hot iron, and blood in the air. Loud explosions and the screams of the dying and wounded echoed up the hillside. Once again he tried to leave to rescue his wife and daughters, but Selene beckoned him to stay. He ignored her and ran into the burning town, only to find his family lying in the street along with their neighbours, their bodies mangled and their bones smashed and broken. His wife begged him to end their suffering, and eventually found the mettle to drive his sword into their throats to finish them quickly. In his rage and fury that followed, he denounced God and chose to forsake his faith, before his attention was drawn to a small rabble of Parliamentarian soldiers entering the street. In his rage he screamed and charged into them at his full, unnatural speed, hacking into them, cleaving them to pieces. It wasn't until he heard the cries of scores of their comrades that he realized he had to escape. He turned to flee, only to be hear a volley of musket fire ring out that dropped him to the cold stones. As he lay dying, he heard an approaching horse, and as it drew closer he was greeted by the sight of a horse as black as night. As he raised his hand to stroke aside the horses main, the realization struck him before he noticed the white patch beneath that this was the same magnificent horse that had been brought to him a year ago. After painfully clambering into his back, they both charged off back into the night, and towards the river, leaving behind Drogheda forever. They returned to Selene and as Kenny lay dying in her arms, she offered him the chance for unlife as a vampire. With his family dead and his home destroyed, he accepted.

For the next hundred years, Kenny and Selene Farley scoured the whole of Ireland, robbing its wealthy, plundering its coffers, adapting to the world and Kindred around them as they changed, and engaging in wild orgies of sexual deviance, sometimes with their more easily aroused hostages. Kenny also perfected his skills in matching his Sire's speed, and some of her majestic presence. His strength and many of his other abilities also increased rapidly but, despite the embrace and the inherent savage nature of vampires, Kenny still withheld traces of his humanity. They only killed lords and nobles (most of whom after the Drogheda massacre were English), and Kenny even adopted a habit of giving some of his loot to any beggars or starving children they passed. Also, as Selene had initially done with him, he had chosen to feed his blood to Midnight, the bond shared between him and his steed grown stronger than ever.

Eventually they grew weary of their routine despite the many great adventures they'd shared together and their strong bond between one another, and it got to the point where human blood alone would not sustain them and they had to feed from other Kindred, which was a risk neither of them were prepared to take. Also, over the decades, some of their victims they had left alive after indulging them in carnal fornication had gone to the authorities and given descriptions of them, and it was starting to look unusual that the same, unchanged faces were described over and over again. It was then that Selene suggested a short, self-induced torpor, after which they travel and see the new world. After all, they had eternity together… why not explore? But first, they had to rest. They agreed to twenty-five years of rest each, to ensure that once they awoke the blood of mortals would be enough to slake their thirst, and agreed that Selene rest first, as she had been awake the longest out of the two of them. When Kenny questioned as to why they both could not rest together, Selene explained that one of them had to stay awake to ensure Midnight was kept alive and fed. They finally returned to the passage graves near the river Boyne outside Drogheda where they had first met, and it was there that Selene burnt out the last of her blood to lay herself to rest, but not before Kenny had vowed to return to that place twenty-five years from that night.

And so for the next quarter of a century, Kenny o'Lafferty wandered Ireland alone, stealing from the pompous and wealthy (and more often than not seducing the women), and giving half of his swag to the poor and needy. He felt it was suitable punishment for his misdeeds during his life; a forsaken man wandering the wilderness alone, helping those who could not help themselves. Many nights while hiding in the trees he would simply lie and stare at the night sky, beyond the stars and into the cold, black, empty void that lay beyond, gazing into the abyss of infinite nothingness… and feeling it stare back into him.

Finally, after twenty-five years from the night, he returned to the passage graves to awaken his Sire. He found her entombed beneath the earth, and he sliced open his own wrist to feed her enough blood to awaken her. She awakened gripping at his wrist and drinking hungrily and he had to wrestle his arm back from her. He led her outside to where he had a couple of nobles bound and gagged, and stripped of their finery. She proceeded to gorge herself upon them entirely, and Kenny turned away, feeling his guilt well up inside him at such cold-blooded consumption of life. When all was silent, he turned to his Sire, and saw the same guilt in her eyes, and knelt down to hold her in his arms. It appeared that more of his influence was wearing off on her than she would have liked to admit. For six months he helped her regain her memories and un-cloud her thoughts, as well as retrain her in the abilities of the Daeva and to help sharpen her use of both the sword and gun. He also regaled her with tales of his conquests of both plunder and woman, and taught her a couple of new "tricks" he'd learned in their more… private moments. Finally, it was his time for him to fall into the long sleep, and after one final night of rapturous love-making, he did as his sire had done twenty-five years previously, and burnt away the last of the blood within him, and he fell into the welcoming oblivion, finally free of his guilt… for now.

Twenty-five years later, Kenny was awakened from his slumber, but instead of the sweet, slender arm oh his Sire, was the masculine hairy arm of a giant of a man with a shaved scalp and an enormous beard. A huge hand, the size of a pan, pushed his face away from the arm, and a bound and gagged mortal was thrust into his line of sight, and he fed in a frenzy of starvation. After finally having his fill, and after mourning his victim's death, he looked up at the giant vampire and saw Selene standing next to him with a smile plastered across her face. While he had been in torpor, Selene had acquired a small band of thieves. The large Frenchman, named Pierre, had just arrived fresh from the revolution in France, spreading the teachings of a certain Hungarian Invictus named Kerza…

Kenny learned much of what would eventually become known as the Carthian Movement. While he and Selene both appreciated the concept and the ideals they stood for, they choose to remain out of politics. Together, they all travelled throughout Europe to plunder new lands, while those who had embraced the Carthian ideology spread their message. After thirty years of wandering, they returned to Ireland, having already plundered much of Europe and sampled much of its delights. One night, while they stopped for rest and leisure, they were ambushed by a mass of kindred led by an Invictus elder and an inquisitor of the Lancea Sanctum. They told them they had been searching for them for a long time, tales of their exploits reaching the ears of the courts of Westminster. Tales of 150 years of their thievery, their sexual conquests, and the fact they let many of their captives live to report them to the authorities, thus creating masquerade breaches. Before they could pass their sentences, they were ambushed by the human authorities that had followed them. In the ensuing struggle, Kenny was surrounded and beaten into torpor.

He was awoken 50 years later by Pierre and he explained what had happened and why he had waited so long to reawaken him. He also handed Kenny a letter from Selene explaining her and all but Pierre had fled to America so escape the jurisdiction of the English and Irish courts and had settled in Boston. They left Ireland via the same way Selene and the gang had half a century before, and after many months, they finally came to America. They reached Boston and went to the specific location the Selene had written in Pierre's note. However, once they arrived, only one of them remained. He explained the the authorities and kindred in the States were a lot more vigilant, and one night after an unsuccessful hold-up that turned out to be a trap, they had fled in separate directions, and he'd seen none of them since. He said he'd received a letter from Selene saying she'd fled to Atlanta a few weeks prior to their arrival, but had heard nothing since. And so Kenny bid farewell to the two men he had come to love as brothers, and he and Midnight departed all across America in search of his Sire. He asked other Kindred that he found if they had seen her and after giving a description, many of them would say they saw her leaving town, galloping off into the night. He followed the leads that he could get, until his travels took him to the Central Americas… And then to South America…

And so after more than a century of travelling the world and searching for his beautiful Sire, Kenny o'Lafferty's travels finally brought them back to Europe. Over the decades he had seen the marvels and wonders of the world… as well as its horrors and atrocities. However, throughout his travels, particularly in the last few years, stories, rumours and whispers began to circulate about the return of a terrible entity known only as the Jarl, he was due to arise sometime soon, and that he was capable of destroying the world. And so, his travels have finally brought him to England. He has slowly come to grips with modern technology over the decades, and is still having trouble adjusting to unlife within the courts.


Kenny is a well-built, very handsome man with devilish good looks, large friendly eyes, long locks of wavy brown hair and an almost offensively charming smile. He speaks in a very jocular voice most of the time. He always wears his long black coat, tricorne hat, eye mask (when out of the courts), finely embroidered shirt, pantaloons and riding boots. Always armed with his rapier and flintlock pistols, which he named after his wife and children.

Recently has acquired a number of modern disguises. Including a few Korpiklaani T-shirts, as he has come to like the band after discovering them on

Anyone who has slept with Kenny will have noticed his torso, chest and back are scarred with slash marks and gunshot wounds.


Selene Farley. Daeva. Also Kenny's lover. Kenny has spent the last 130 years travelling the world to find her.

Childer: None.

Recent Events:

Contracted disease of the blood unleashed by Luther's ghoul. In a desperate attempt for the cure, he helped to kill the former Prince of Durham, Johan von Straud.

Recently joined the Carthian Movement.


  • Jonathan Harrington Always sympathetic to the Carthian cause, Kenny bonded very quickly with Jonny when he first arrived.
  • Daisy A kind and sympathetic kindred. A good friend. Also Kenny is smitten by her prettiness.
  • Gabriella Ito After offering him residence in Durham to save his life, Kenny has felt indebted to her ever since. He's grown fond of his Prince, looking out for her best interests, letting her know of plots against her, as well as having "relations" with her.


  • Max Von Roht No doubt after the murder of Johan von Straud, he will be seeking retribution against Kenny. Also, Kenny dislikes Nazis anyway.
  • Lupin After the murder of Johan von Straud, Lupin/Mallum promised Kenny that she would murder him next time they were alone together, until Boss Ito convinced Kenny to take up residence in Durham for his own protection.
  • Invictus After the events of November 5th, Kenny is convinced that the Invictus betrayed the region and holds a grudge.

Women Kenny has his eyes on:

  • Meri sit Anpu Very voluptuous and forceful woman. Kenny likes that. Might prove to be a bit of a problem with Boss Ito though…
  • Gabriella Ito That should hopefully solve the problem. Plus, equally as voluptuous and forceful, but also with a hint of danger. Spicy…
  • Victoria Astley Pretty little thing… lovely smile.
  • Mydknight Saucy looking, very well dressed lady.
  • Yeron Hara Very pretty. Cracking pair of legs. Hides herself away behind laptop too much. also a bit rude to Kenny. A tough nut to crack, but he likes a challenge.


Kenny just uses the disease as an excuse to wear make-up
He was the inspiration for Adam and the Ants
He was the REAL inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow
He's really Dick Turpin!

Quotes from or about Kenny:

"Any last words before I… impale you with my magnificent weapon?"

"The gifts we possess as Kindred don't make us better than mortals, just different. It's how we use them that define us as either men or monsters."

"Aw shite."

Theme song:

Ensiferum - Wanderer

Daimh - Ida's Jigs

This is so perfect for Kenny. Very merry, happy, and cheeky, just like Kenny. Also, ignore the radio commentator at the beginning >.<

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