Konrad Veed

The Right Honorable Alder Veed,

Marquise of Durham,

Follower of Innyana

Player Miley
Character Konrad Veed
City Durham
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Invictus
Age upon Embrace 27
Occupation/Position Ex-European Nobility
Hometown Möckeln
Status within the City Prince


Used to be in a European royal family just over 500 years ago, and was about to become King when He was sired. He was not happy about this, but learned to deal with it when he Joined the Invictus.

Not much else is known about him.


Horribly deformed Nosferatu, Hairy Ears, Long Fingers, Withered Leg, and Fangs. Wears the same clothes all the time, A Large Fur Coat and a Shirt, Walks with a Walking Stick



Unknown, but rumored to be a dark story around it.


It is known that he has sired before, But not in England, though how many times is unsure.

Recent Events:

  • Has had a falling out with the Prince and Scourge of Middlesbrough and decided he just cannot stay in a city that is ran by an Imbecile and a Rabid Dog, and has therefore relocated to Durham
  • With the death of Edith Fitzroy Konrad has moved back to Middlesbrough Court.
  • Konrad had decided to move back to Durham realizing that she needed his skills more.
  • With Cassa Dar stepping down, Konrad has put him self forward for Princship of Durham
  • Now that Cassa is Dead, Konrad has claimed out right Praxis of Durham and is now Prince of Durham.


  • Zachariah Thaddeus Bane (Deceased) - Bane was Konrad's Covenant mate, both are Elders and discovered they were very like minded, they Immediately got on and had large Plans for the Invictus.


  • Granite of Middlesbrough (Deceased) - Konrad refers to this Kindred as a Rabid Dog that needs to be put down. They have had many run ins, but it seems when Granite delivered final death to Konrad's friend and Covenant Mate,Zachariah Thaddeus Bane was the Final Straw.
  • Edith Fitzroy Prince of Middlesbrough (Deceased) - Konrad despises this Woman, she claims to follow the Traditions and Elysium Law but breaks them when she sees fit, she is an Imbecile and a fool, and doesn't know what it means to rule a City, she needs dealing with.


  • As of the June 2010 Newcastle court Konrad apparently wears false fangs
  • He wants to be prince of a city, but he can't decide which.

Quotes from or about Konrad:

"Move aside, dog!" - Konrad speaking to Granite as he entered the Durham Elysium.

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