Lady Evelyn Backhouse

Title: Lady
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus

Lady Evelyn Backhouse was born a member of the wealthy and influential Backhouse family of Darlington, they were Quakers and industrialists who made their fortunes in the industrial revolution.
She was ghouled and embraced by a member of the Invictus who came to Darlington not long after the birth of the railway seeking their fortune and for a time she siphoned off some of the Backhouse wealth for his personal interests.
Her sire was destroyed in mabs 'Great Culling' of the newly arrived kindred that left her one of a handful of surviving kindred who inherited much of the city from the ashes of their peers.
Lady Evelyn has become one of the most wealthy kindred in the north east although she has always gone to great pains to avoid offending Mab.

Rumours, myths & outright lies

  • The good lady has no spine when it comes to Mab, when she looks at her she sees her sires bloody handed killer and would sell out anyone to keep in her good graces.
  • I heard that Lady Evelyn still attends nightly Quaker meetings.
  • When the riots hit the city she hid in the deepest darkest hole she could find in case it was a second great cull
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